Why bestselling author Marian Keyes endorses the book by four of South Africa’s top writers

An overexcited Sara-Jayne King interviews authors Qarnita Loxton, Amy Heydenrych, Pamela Power and Gail Schimmel.

– International bestselling author Marian Keyes approves new book by four beloved South African writers

– Pan Macmillan revealed the title and cover of the novel, due for publication in March

– Sara-King attempts to uncover plot details from Qarnita Loxton, Amy Heydenrych, Pamela Power and Gail Schimmel

Amy Heydenrych, Pamela Power, Qarnita Loxton and Gail Schimmel posted on Twitter by @GailSchimmel

“We’ve got a cover! We’ve got a title! We’ve got the backing of one of the best-known, best-selling and most-loved authors in the world!”

Sara-Jayne King is super excited about the information now revealed about the new book from top local authors Qarnita Loxton, Amy Heydenrych, Pamela Power and Gail Schimmel.

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She puts the four writers on the air to discuss the highly anticipated novel and their co-writing process.

Marian in pursuit will be on sale in March.

After the book was accepted for publication, the four authors contacted Keyes and asked her to read it, which she did overnight.

Although they shy away from saying too much, the four sketched out the premise of Marian in pursuit.

This is about us trying to reach Marian… [but you’re not going to read about the four of us]

Pamela Power, author

It’s four different characters, one character written by each of us…people who have a chance to meet online because they all join a Marian Keyes “Fans in South Africa” ​​Facebook page.

Gail Schimmel, author

The four characters also create their own private group.

All are desperate to meet Marian Keyes, for different reasons, reveals Schimmel.

They’re off on an adventure… but obviously they also have other things going on… so it’s more a story about their lives than Marian Keyes…

Gail Schimmel, author

Amy Heydenrych provides insight into what it’s like to co-write with three other authors.

Despite the different writing styles that different writers would have, it was “an organic, fluid process,” she says.

It was actually so beautiful that we did it alongside our own personal projects because we wrote in a relay, so there would be a deadline every Sunday…

Amy Heydenrych, author

It started with one author and they would end in a week… The next author would read that chapter and depending on what happened, find inspiration for what they wrote, and so on. .

Amy Heydenrych, author

This allowed us to have a whole bunch of creative surprises! At some point in the novel, Qarnita set a trap for me because I had set a trap for her, to be fair, and I responded to that…

Amy Heydenrych, author

I just got the stuff every Sunday, then freaked out until the next Sunday when it was my turn! It was a challenge… but it was written in the heart of the lockdown so there was a benevolence and a sweetness in each of us and also this project brought a lot of happiness…

Qarnita Loxton, author

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