Who are the ‘fine wine groups’

Who are the "fine wine groups"  – groups at the end of the period that have reached a golden streakThere was a time when all this rock n roll lark was a game for young people, but over the decades it has become a free game for people of all ages.

Sure, there are masses of great young bands – pop culture will always be a form of adolescence, but some bands escape the traps of time and the soundtrack of entire lives while still retaining that sense of urgency. artistic. Some older bands become a perfect jukebox and warm the shells of a long lost past and that’s okay, but a few of the defining bands are able to be eternal now and that’s exciting to watch…

While that means there are more than enough clueless rock daddies out there to squeeze the last notes out of their junk rock guitars and dusty old ham-grip riffs, there’s also a bunch of bands more alumni who defined age ratings and reached a purple streak in their high-decibel endowment.

Somehow some bands were so beyond time that they still feel like the future. Even doing the old hits, they rearranged and reloaded them for the time being.

Proving that being over 60 doesn’t mean the end of your creativity, the fine wine groups have aged well like the expensive vino in the cellar. Many of them deliver their best work live or in the studio. Some of them are on their way to their last golden summers and none of them seem ready for the garbage collector’s yard to be devoid of ideas and vision!

Sitting nicely with the dynamic and urgent young groups, the fine wine groups are earning their place in the present. They never lost the love of mystique and the power of music. they never got bored or burned out or if they did, they rediscovered the muse and reignited their creative fires!

While some punk and post punk bands make their music sound like a chore, others like Echo And The Bunnymen make the future effortless, The Stranglers have remarkably found new energy and a myriad of others are the same. Nick Cave, Kate Bush, PJ Harvey are always ready on their own terms and Damon Albarn is always looking for another texture.

These are just a few…

Who do you think deserves this distinction of being a group of fine wines…