Vision Films set to release compelling new documentary ‘Why On Earth’ from filmmaker and environmentalist Katie Cleary

LOS ANGELES, July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vision Films, Inc. (“Vision”) Announces Release of Feature Documentary Why the hell on VOD, DVD and Blu-Ray on August 16. The film was directed and produced by an animal activist and filmmaker Katie Clearyincluding the previous award-winning documentary, give me shelterdebuted on Netflix in 2015. Katie is president and founder of animal welfare organization Peace 4 Animals and popular global news network World Animal News.

His new film takes a comprehensive look at our current condition as a people; uncovering many issues that affect our natural world and the animals that inhabit it, revealing the vital connection between humans, animals and the growing plant-based movement. A red carpet premiere and screening is scheduled for August at Los Angeles for industry professionals and film lovers.

Exclusive interviews with well-known leaders in the world of animal welfare and conservation include fellow filmmaker and animal advocate, Clint Eastwood. The film was shot with a RED camera in five countries including South Africa, Kenya, and Indonesia. Rarely-before-seen footage highlights people on the ground fighting to protect critical species including endangered orangutans in Indonesia, shark population depletion in South Africa due to illegal trade shark finning, the poaching of nearly extinct rhinos, elephants and African lions across Africaand rapid deforestation in Borneo and Sumatra through the extraction of palm oil. The film also shares the process of what it takes to pass legislation to protect animals in United States.


Lise RomanoffCEO and Managing Director of Vision Films says: “Why the hell is truly one of the most illuminating and beautiful advocacy films we’ve seen. The connection between our human population and the creatures of our planet is undeniable and therefore very important to preserve.”

Director and Producer Katie Cleary shares, “This film has been a labor of love over the past four years. We are thrilled to finally share this important film with the world to raise awareness of the many issues affecting critical species. of our planet. She adds, “There are simple things we humans can do to prevent the devastation of our rainforests and to impose tougher penalties on poachers who kill endangered and threatened species.”

With: Clint Eastwood (Actor, director, animal advocate), Leilani Munter (Race car driver, What is health), Maggie Q (actress, animal welfare advocate), Christine Bauer (Actress, animal welfare and legal advocate) John Salley (former NBA star, animal welfare and legal advocate), Shannon Elizabeth (Actress, Animal Welfare Advocate), and Dan Richardson (Actor, wildlife advocate)

Also with: Damien Mandier (founder of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation), his all-female anti-poaching team, Akashinga, Dr. Birute Mary Galdikas (International Orangutan Foundation), Petronel Nieuwoudt (Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary), Alison Viller (Marine Biologist, Save Our Seas Foundation), Paul Hilton (Conservation Photographer, Race extinction), Jim Abernethy (Conservationist, Photographer, Filmmaker), Shawn Heinrich (Director of Photography, Race extinction), Wilfred Chivell (CEO of Marine Dynamics), Ian Singleton (Director, Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme), Panut Hadisiswoyo (Orangutan Information Center), the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust team, etc.

Why the hell will be available on all major streaming and cable platforms in the United States and Canada on August 16.

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About Peace 4 Animals

Peace 4 Animals is an animal welfare organization that supports the protection of endangered species around the world. They support numerous wildlife rescues on the ground to save elephants, rhinos and orangutans, among many other species at risk. The organization also supports anti-poaching efforts on the ground by Africa. Peace 4 Animals works with local partners to rescue and rehabilitate pets that have been abandoned on the streets or abandoned in animal shelters and find them loving forever homes. The organization has also rescued many farm animals from the slaughterhouse and found them shelter. One of their missions is to advocate for a plant-based lifestyle to help save the lives of billions of farm animals around the world. Peace 4 Animals has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for animal welfare partners around the world.

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