Travis Barker looks unrecognizable in new Machine Gun Kelly music video

Travis Barker looks pretty recognizable, but the punk rock drummer is almost unrecognizable in a new music video from his good friend Machine Gun Kelly. Barker appears in MGK’s video for “Emo Girl” starring Willow Smith. In the clip, Barker wears a turtleneck shirt, which hides his many tattoos, and he wears quite a bit of makeup, which totally obliterates the few pieces of art he has on his face.

In addition to clothes and makeup, Barker also wears a gray wig on his usually shaved head. Notably, the musician also has most of his head tattooed, which the wig covers well. Barker shared a clip of the video on his Instagram and received many comments from his followers. “I can’t understand how corny you look,” one person joked. “Looks like you’re going to show off the new iPhone,” someone else joked. “Travis with hair? Delete that now,” another person commented. “He looks like a new cast member on The Big Bang Theory…lol,” a final person commented.

Machine Gun Kelly’s new collab isn’t Willow’s first with a big star, as Barker was featured on her song “Transparent Soul,” the lead single from her 2021 album. Lately I’m feeling it all. She also recently collaborated with Avril Lavigne. Willow has already spoken with Magazine V on her new musical direction and explained why she wanted to explore her punk rock and emo musical inspirations.

“I wanted to open up a bit more and not be so antisocial in the studio,” she said. “I’m so excited that I’m going to have a song on the album with Avril Lavigne. It’s so iconic. From [ages] From 13 to 16, she was my idol. It’s really nice to be able to have a quintessential pop-punk record with the queen of pop-punk.”

The young musician also shared what life was like for her, growing up as a fan of heavy and alternative musical genres. “Being a black woman in the metal business is very, very different on top of the pressures the music industry puts on you,” she shared. “Now it’s like an added pressure from metal culture, the metal world and rock in general. I used to be bullied in school for listening to Paramore and My Chemical Romance .”