Top 8 Anime That Would Make Great Live-Action Hollywood Movies

Anime has grown in popularity over the years, from when it only had a niche audience until today, where big companies are getting involved in the creation and distribution of anime and of manga. With so many parties involved, it would also make sense for Hollywood to become a piece of this puzzle as well. Per Anime News Network, many well-known directors and writers, like Zack Snyder, have expressed interest in the anime world and even have titles they’ve talked about a lot in the past.

Indeed, there is a lot of anime being made today, more than ever before in history. Knowing that, there are a lot more options for anime in the west to be adapted to make really solid movies that a mass audience could enjoy. This can already be seen in James Cameron’s filmAlita: battle angel, which managed to earn over $400 million worldwide and thus became a highly successful live-action adaptation. With the amount of money that other Japanese anime films have made, it’s easy to see why Hollywood is so interested in anime. It is for this reason that it is important to determine which anime would do the best live fare. Here’s our list of anime that we think would make great live-action Hollywood movies.


8 Yasuke

The story of Yasuke is made for live-action adaptation as it tells the true story of a black samurai from Africa. A man who started out as a slave eventually became a well-regarded warrior under Nobunaga. This series, according to HITC, was originally meant to be a live-action movie before being turned into an anime for Netflix. However, the series was not well liked by anime fans, with many fans criticizing that the supernatural elements were not tied well to the story being told. With a series like this not being as acclaimed, a live-action feature has the potential to strengthen the brand and go in new creative directions that might be more true to the essence of what Yasuke is meant to be.

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seven Vinland Saga

Another anime based on a true story, Vinland Saga, tells the story of the Vikings in the 11th century, with its main character being Thorfinn and Askelad. The series is loosely based on the real events of these characters, and a live-action movie could take the story in whole new directions while still staying true to the characters the anime managed to create. Vinland Saga is also a grounded enough story that even faithfully adapting the anime isn’t too much of a task. Considering the history of Hollywood films about the Vikings, The man from the north being his last success, Vinland Saga would fit perfectly.

6 black lagoon

One of the strongest anime ever made is black lagoon. The series is a blood-filled, action-packed crime thriller, and always felt like it had an American influence in how the characters all interacted with each other throughout the series. The series is very crude and loud, with lots of guns being used throughout the series. It’s easy to see how this show can make a big Hollywood blockbuster.

5 Berserk

Berserk is an iconic manga series that has never had the best track record when it comes to anime adaptations. The strongest adaptation is that of 1997 Berserk series, which is highly praised for its beautiful yet dark score that many people return to over and over again. Beyond this, however, no other Berserk The anime adaptation lived up to the legacy left by the Manga. It means that Berserk would be the main material for an epic fantasy story set in a live-action setting. The world of Berserk is so vast that a big-screen adaptation would only get Berserk in the eyes of more viewers, while giving fans of the franchise another shot at getting the perfect adaptation.

4 Trigun

Another series that has been well received by most anime fans is a sci-fi western in the same vein as cowboy bebop: Trigun. It would be one of the series that probably would have been a shoo-in if Netflix cowboy bebop was better received than it had been. Instead, this series was criticized for being too campy and having an overly convoluted plot that wasn’t faithful to the original anime. That being said, a live-action adaptation of Trigun could still work if it had the right creators and a big budget.

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3 Speed ​​graph

The story of Speed ​​graph isn’t as well-known and, therefore, would have a much easier time getting an adaptation that the majority of audiences could accept. Many anime series have a large following that will be highly critical of any live-action adaptation. However, a series like Speed ​​graph doesn’t have exactly the same level of cache as most. Speed ​​graph tells the story of a young photographer who, while investigating a death at a club, meets a girl who gives him a special superpower that allows him to kill anyone he takes a picture of. Speed ​​graph is a dark, sophisticated world filled with depressing themes that could make for an interesting action movie.

2 Stein Gate

The strange spectacle of time travel Stein Gate would make a very interesting Back to the future-esque film with its bizarre and strange concept around a microwave. This beloved anime series has a lot of potential to be a lot of fun if turned into a live-action movie. It’s also a film that would be odd enough that it could draw people into the story who appreciate a more independent fair if they had the time and strong creative direction to go along with the story.

1 Gundam

After the success of Loan player one, this became an immediate possibility. Steven Spielberg’s Movie Gave Us Our First Look at What Live-Action Is Gundam had the potential to be. Gundam is an amazing franchise with multiple series under its belt, with different characters in each meaning live action Gundam the film has the potential for many sequels. With Spielberg proving that these giant mechs could be turned into real, tangible machines, it just gives more evidence of why. Gundam would be a great source for an adaptation.