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Compared to the 1980s, metal is kind of a niche today in many countries including Australia – even more so when you move to the regions.

But with COVID dealing a devastating blow to the entertainment industry in the past two years, these groups deserve the limelight more than ever.

So let’s tune the guitars, crank up the drums, deepen the vocals, and take a look at some of the best metal bands the Queensland area has to offer.

Finish it all, Gympie

ISA TO GYMPIE: EndAll is a successful band being rebuilt.

Starting as a small group in Mount Isa in 2012, EndAll grew to a size where almost every metalhead and muso knew who they were.

Their catchy guitar riffs and powerful vocals have taken them to great heights, but it’s their determination to keep going that is truly commendable.

EndAll has been through a lot over the years, including roster changes, leadership changes, rebranding, COVID, and even changes of location.

The band was sidelined by the founder for two years, but the pieces have been reforged and they are stronger than ever.

Recently the band moved to Gympie where they lay low and built a foundation to return to the studio.

Beleth, Gladstone

TEAM TWO: One of Beleth's musicians lives in Gladstone - the other lives in Sydney.

TEAM TWO: One of Beleth’s musicians lives in Gladstone – the other lives in Sydney.

Beleth is a groove-focused death metal band that offers songs with a catchy punch, an element of groove, and an aggressive, brutal vocals.

Believe it or not, the band has only two members – Chris Long produces, records, engineers and mixes all the instruments and Sebasthian Bentos-Pereira takes care of the lyrics and vocals.

What is truly remarkable, however, is that Long is based in Gladstone and Bentos-Pereira lives in Sydney.

It was an exciting year 2021 for the duo, who released their debut album, “Silent Genesis”, in June.

Wasting no time, Beleth is already writing new material for their next album.

Content Day, Maryborough

Maryborough's Day of Content is making waves on the metal scene.

Maryborough’s Day of Content is making waves on the metal scene.

Melody and groove are one with the heavy riff and melodic leads of Day Of Contents.

Day Of Content is based in Maryborough and was formed in 2016 when Garth Douglass met guitarist Cody Hodges at the local music store.

The duo then got together and wrote four songs for a debut EP.

Along with the songs written, other members were to fill other important roles in the group.

The first song released to the public, Obsession, found immediate success by reaching No. 1 on Triple J Unearthed’s metal charts in three weeks in 2017.

Day Of Content presented their first concert at Metal United Down Under Hervey Bay in 2017 and officially released their EP, “Isolation”, in 2018.

Since then they have performed a multitude of shows in South East and Central Queensland.

In 2019, Day Of Content supported Sydney’s huge band Polaris in Rockhampton on their tour of North Queensland in front of a sold-out crowd.

In August 2020, the group released their first clip, Victim, a new song from their second EP, coming out a week later.

A lot of people find it difficult to categorize the band into one genre, which is in part due to the singer’s unique voice. It helps them stand out from the crowd.

Adne, Toowoomba

Adnate is an atmospheric post-metal band made up of two musicians from South East Queensland.

Their style mixes elements of sludge and black metal, with touches of post-rock that help create a sound that takes the listener on a journey.

Remarkably, Adnate is two musicians from Toowoomba and the Gold Coast.

“We’re almost all DIY. Our only concern is to bring our art and music to life in the most honest way possible,” said Albert Long, guitarist and synth player for Toowoomba.

Long is joined by Gold Coast-based Blaise Clement, who handles bass and vocals.

Adnate released her latest album, ‘Astral Propagation’, in February.

Long said it was recorded at several locations in the South East and produced by Toowoomba’s Gaslight Studios, which also handled the drums.

“Because we both grew up in the South East Queensland region, we are influenced by the beauty of national parks. Our latest release features a field recording from Ravensbourne National Park,” Long said.

On the album, Adnate attempts to summon and then organize structures in a free-form composition style.

Lyrically, Astral Propagation incorporates these themes with an air of bitter-sweetness that somehow contains a positive light for the good luck of mankind.

Acting as an honest account of their human experience, the music is cathartic, uncompromising and overwhelming.

Enkidu, Toowoomba

There is nothing more than a logo to represent Enkidu.

There is nothing more than a logo to represent Enkidu.

Enkidu is a melodic black metal studio project that attempts to evoke a trance-like soundscape that lyrically explores introspective themes from life to death.

As of 2018, Enkidu is a fully self-written, directed and produced project that continues to develop its skills and experience with each release.

The project is quite mysterious, without social networks to promote its music.

Ghosts of Black River, Townsville

The ghosts of Black River are unleashed.  Photo: Monica Kristin Photography

The ghosts of Black River are unleashed. Photo: Monica Kristin Photography

Ghosts of Black River are a metal band from Townsville.

Formed in 2013, Geizy, Jason, Whitey and Rob decided to make music they wanted to hear and ended up playing with some of Australia’s biggest metal bands.

Driven by their desire to bring groovy metal to the people of Australia and the world, they have performed concerts with King Parrot, The Dream Killers, Se Bon Ki Ra and more.

The group’s debut EP, ‘Rollin’ with Devil ‘, was released shortly after its formation and features iconic tracks like Damaged and The hand of the dead man.

After that, their full release, “Struggle On,” was released in 2017.

Ulysses, Bundaberg

The boys jammed at Sounds Fest in Mackay last month.  Photo: Cherrie Hughes Photography

The boys jammed at Sounds Fest in Mackay last month. Photo: Cherrie Hughes Photography

Odysseus is a progressive, alternative and cinematic Bundaberg experience.

A recurring evolution through reincarnation, Odysseus has traveled the country performing his original music, which consists of a range of influences, from rap and metal to funk and jazz.

Performed by a trio on vocals, keyboards, guitar and drums, they have no bassist. Instead, they produce their low end with an 18-inch subwoofer driven by a Roland Juno DS.

With an album slated for release in the near future, fans can expect the unexpected.

Only the ghosts remain, Cairns

Only the ghosts are left alone, but they have also performed with huge artists like Northlane.

Only the ghosts are left alone, but they have also performed with huge artists like Northlane.

Only Ghosts Remain are a Cairns-based alternative metal band whose sonic palette sits at the intersection of beauty and chaos.

With the juxtaposition of crisp vocals and brutal metal screams, listeners are guided through dynamic passages that wind between shattering blackouts and intimate, ethereal interludes.

Composed of Lauren Barnes (vocals), Aaron Bell (guitar, production, heavy vocals), Cedric Kirchner (bass, keyboards) and Tim Edwards (drums), their sound is a synthesis of each of the musical backgrounds and influences of the four.

Above all, Only Ghosts Remain places punchy rhythms, catchy riffs and catchy melodies at the center of their sound universe.

Their first single, Black Dog, was released in July 2019 and was well received by audiences.

Their last two singles prove that there is no slowdown for these four, with Scars currently receiving 57,500 streams.

A highlight of the band’s career was winning a Triple J Unearthed competition, which took them on tour to support Northlane, the three-time ARIA-awarded actor.

When hearts fade, Gympie

When Hearts Wither is above all a doom metal project from Gympie.

Interestingly, the project is the unique work of Andy Derksen, a multi-instrumentalist who writes, composes and sings.

When Hearts Wither expresses feelings of hopelessness and tranquility.

In November, WHW released their new single, Locked up and buried inside, taken from a new album scheduled for 2022.

FAMOUS MENTION: Affliction of Friendship, Gympie

The Amity Affliction rose through the ranks to become a premier metalcore band.

The Amity Affliction rose through the ranks to become a premier metalcore band.

Arguably Queensland’s most famous metal band, The Amity Affliction has built a worldwide following.

The group, born in Gympie in 2003, envelops raw honesty in haunting hooks, punchy grooves and ravishing riffs.

Joel birch [vocals], Ahren Stringer [vocals, bass], Dan Brown [lead guitar], and Jon Longobardi [drums] served two ARIA Gold Certified albums – “Youngbloods” in 2010 and “Chasing Ghosts” in 2012 – and earned ARIA platinum certification for the 2014 flagship release, “Let The Ocean Take Me”.

“This Could Be Heartbreak” (2016]) marked the group’s second consecutive top 30 in the Billboard Top 200, while “Misery” (2018) took them to new critical heights.

Their 2020 release, “Everyone Loves You … Once You Leave Them,” further strengthened their position on the scene.

While the boys have since left Gympie, they still recognize their roots by performing shows there.

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