Three Makoto Shinkai Anime Movies Coming to Blu-ray in June

New Blu-ray editions of these critically acclaimed masterpieces available June 7, 2022
Short films Voice from a distant star and Her and her cat
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The visionary director of grow old with you and Your name., Makoto Shinkai’s ambitious, award-winning films are loved by moviegoers around the world for their soulful, lively, and lush tales of star-to-star relationships set in captivating and imaginative worlds. In June, GKIDS, distributed by Shout! Factory, is proud to release new Blu-ray editions of these early masterpieces, many of which are making their North American debut on Blu-ray.

The three movies The place promised at our beginnings (2004), 5 centimeters per second (2007), and The children who hunt the lost voices (2011), and all come with bonus features including audio commentary, interviews with Shinkai, storyboards, trailers, and more. 5 centimeters per second will also mark the Blu-ray debut of Shinkai’s rented shorts Voice from a distant star and Her and her cat, included on the bonus disc. Fans of these remarkable films can pre-order their copies now by visiting or

Makoto Shinkai’s first feature film, The place promised at our beginnings is a beautiful and haunting story of friendship and loss, with stunning visuals and an emotional approach to sci-fi that would become the director’s trademark. In an alternate post-war Japan, three teenagers become obsessed with a mysterious tower across the Union border, which stretches far into the sky. Hiroki and Takuya are working on a makeshift plane, which they promise their friend Sayuri they will use to visit the tower together one day, but she disappears before it’s finished. Several years later, the tower suddenly activates, triggering a phenomenon that threatens the world. And the young men now discover that their longtime friend, Sayuri, may hold the key to it all…The place promised at our beginnings won Best Anime Film at Mainichi Film Award, Silver Award at Fantasia Film Festival, and Expressive Technique Award at Tokyo International Anime Fair.

Young love, failed relationships and unrequited feelings collide in a romance by Makoto Shinkai. Told in three vignettes, 5 centimeters per second: a string of short stories about their distance explores the joys and heartbreak of falling in love against the backdrop of the jaw-dropping visuals that define Shinkai’s work. Takaki yearns to fulfill Akari’s childhood crush, but their two families drift apart before the feelings can fully blossom. They stay in touch, but end up drifting away from school and new friends to distract them. Throughout the seasons, Takaki navigates his relationships while being haunted by all the things he didn’t say with Akari, his first love. Also included Voice from a distant starMakoto Shinkai’s directorial debut, available on Blu-ray for the first time in North America. 5 centimeters per second won Best Animated Feature at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

Children who hunt lost voices from the depths is an epic fantasy adventure in a world of ancient gods. Asuna is an introvert who prefers to spend her time listening to a radio left behind by her deceased father. One day, she hears a strange song that resonates in her heart like nowhere else. This leads to a chance encounter with a mysterious boy, who transports Asuna to Agartha, a land of legend where the dead can be brought back to life. Driven by the song and the boy, Asuna journeys through the mythical lands, but hostile warriors and horrific creatures will stop at nothing to prevent Asuna from discovering the secrets of their world. The children who hunt the lost voices was nominated for Best Feature Film at Annecy and winner of Best Art Direction at the Tokyo Anime Award.

The place promised at our beginnings
Bonus features
Interviews with Japanese voices
Interview with director Makoto Shinkai
Trailer collection

5 centimeters per second
Bonus Features
Voice from a distant star short film
Feature Storyboard (5 centimeters per second)
Interview with Shinkai (5 centimeters per second)
Interview with the cast
Musical clip
Her and her cat short film
Interview with Makoto Shinkai (Voice from a distant star)
Scenarios (Voice from a distant star)
Trailer Collection

The children who hunt the lost voices
Bonus Features
Audio commentary with Shinkai and staff
Interviews with staff and actors
Manufacture of The children who hunt the lost voices
Japanese promotional video
Japanese trailers
Works by Makoto Shinkai

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