The music defines him

The music lesson begins, and the computer screen is filled with little windows revealing bright, smiling faces, big and small, waiting to greet their guru. “Hello, sir! a young boy is the first to begin the series of greetings. Even as the greeting is reciprocated, “Good evening” says an older voice joining the class from another time zone. “Namaskaram” says a little girl in a low, sleepy voice and finds his greeting repeated in an imitation of his voice with the question “Did you just wake up?”.

“Namo Namah” comes another unusual greeting with the guru laughingly replying “Ah! a Students are enjoyed, corrected and taught the finer nuances of each song, with extreme patience in a fun session where soulful music transcends boundaries and boundaries and forges powerful bonds of friendship that add depth and a purpose to life life lessons, the importance of sahitya and correct pronunciation, the online teaching sessions led by Prince Rama Varma have helped people around the world come through the pandemic with a smile on their face and have opened up opportunities for new ways of teaching and learning that are here to stay.

Prince Rama Varma, an eminent classical musician from the former royal family of Travancore is a worthy descendant of his illustrious ancestor Maharaja Swathi Thirunal, and is known for his pure and refined singing without exaggerated facial expressions or unnecessary adornments that instantly hit the chord sensitive to listeners. He is an eminent vainika, music teacher, musicologist, writer and speaker whose versatility, rich repertoire and melodious singing have won him a wide following of fans around the world. Capturing the soul of each composition, explaining the greatness of the composer and giving the context and meaning of the song told with stories from the puranas whenever necessary, he is clearly a musician who cares about his audience and helps them to understand both swaram and sahityam without which there can be no true appreciation of music.

Sharing in-depth knowledge as both a performer and a teacher puts him in a whole different league, with excellence in everything he does being the hallmark of his personality. A self-taught musician whose rise in the world of Carnatic music was propelled by the videos he uploaded to Youtube from around 2010, Rama Varma is a shining example of talent reigning supreme without the support of the ecosystem. traditional musical based in Chennai. When circumstances made physical concerts and teaching sessions impossible, Rama Varma started posting videos with helpful tips for students he graduated from to organize online teaching classes and concerts. Its online teaching sessions allow students from Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Kerala, Mumbai, London, Singapore, Japan, Australia, United Arab Emirates and Tanzania to learn many beautiful compositions in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada and helping even the uninitiated to connect with music and understand it from multiple points of view.

Music lessons led by Prince Rama Varma are life lessons according to Haritha Hariharan, a finance professional from Hyderabad who leads a group of online students from Hyderabad who are organizing a concert in honor of their guru . With no barriers of age, location, or stage of learning, serious music students and beginners who have become good friends sharing music-related information and knowledge, want to hear him sing in person and show their gratitude to their guru according to her. The chorus of voices that joins Prince Rama Varma as he sings in concert is an accolade the gifted musician cherishes and is his lasting legacy to music lovers aware that it is indeed the language of the soul.