Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor has a new children’s book

A: I often say to kids, given a job as a Supreme Court judge, where I’m going to write opinions that will be in the legal history books, by reading those opinions, they’ll see a bit of who I am my personality. When I write an opinion, it reflects a part of who I am. People who read them look to them for help in educating their legal reasoning. They don’t necessarily read them to get to know me as a person. My books give me the legacy to stay alive. As long as there is a living child who has met me or read one of my books and been inspired to do something because of that book, to me that is a greater legacy than a notice from the Supreme Court. I tell people, every child who reads one of my books or listens to me speak who is affected by what I say and helps them better navigate their lives, helps them cope with whatever is going on in their lives in a way they might not have thought otherwise – that’s my greatest legacy. That’s why I write these books. That’s why I spend time talking to children. Because I want them to understand how important they are and how much power they have, the power to do better than I have been able to do because I expect each of them to accomplish more than I have and I really want them to know that.