Staten Islander Celebrates ‘Special’ Birthday With Special Book Launch – A Book She Wrote 53 Years Ago

STATEN ISLAND, NY – It’s never too late to make your dream come true.

Kathy Murphy decided to turn her 75th birthday party into a book launch party.

Kathy, the wife of the late Richmond County District Attorney William Murphy, said this year her special birthday reminded her of the many times she has been surprised by her daughters on her important birthdays. But this time, she said, as she was aware of the plans for the party – held at Duffy’s Tavern in West Brighton – she decided to turn things up a bit.

She started thinking about getting a children’s book published, which was actually a book she wrote 53 years ago.

At Kathy Murphy’s 75th birthday party and book launch party, Kathy, left, and her friend, Ronnie Ramos. (Courtesy / Dan Ingellis) Staten Island Advance

She said she loved writing “The Missing Easter Bunny Basket,” an assignment for one of her early childhood education classes at Fordham University School of Education.

“It’s on my to-do list (placed there by my daughters!)” And thanks to them and a dear friend, I was put in touch with a publisher of Red Penguin Books. And now we have had the book launch and my 75th birthday party.

Kathy explained that she dedicated the book to her third grade teacher at PS 20 in Port Richmond.

The inscription written in the book reads: “It is a joy for me to dedicate this book to my third grade teacher, Ms. Florence Tromer, who would later become Ms. Florence Campbell. She was my all-time favorite teacher and role model as I embarked on the journey to become a teacher. I also have to thank my teachers at the Fordham University Undergraduate School of Education, especially the one who asked us to write a story for the elementary students! Thanks everyone! “

"The Missing Easter Bunny Basket"

At Kathy Murphy’s 75th birthday party and book launch party, left to right, Riley Gastel, Rich Gastel, Michele Gastel and in front of Quinn Gastel. (Courtesy / Dan Ingellis)Staten Island Advance

Kathy’s daughter, Michele Murphy Gastel, explained, “We grew up with The Easter Bunny’s Missing Basket and thought our mom was pretty amazing because she wrote a book. But when we grew up and realized that ours was the only copy and that it was rather loved (i.e. beaten up), we decided to clean it up and have a few hardcover copies printed for them. our mom’s grandchildren can enjoy it. as we had done. In revisiting the charming story of this restoration, we all agreed that it should be a story that more people could enjoy, and so she was added to Mom’s ‘bucket list’ to become a published author. “

Michele went on to note that her mother’s 75th birthday was approaching, as was the launch date for the publication of her Sweet Story.

“We thought his friends would like to celebrate not only his birthday, but also his great achievement. And despite the pretty horrible weather on D-Day, it was a wonderful moment to celebrate two very happy occasions, with family and friends from near and far, ”she added.

Jeannine Murphy Sweeney echoed her sister’s words: “The combination of our childhood ‘book’ and our 75th birthday, the two had to come together for an incredible reason … to celebrate my amazing mother!” My sister and I have always been fascinated by the book on the rabbit. I loved the designs / photos and found my mom to be so talented! And throughout her 75 years, my mom, late dad, sister, and I have been more than blessed with incredible relationships and experiences with family and friends. It was a celebration of great accomplishments, great people, great fun, and overall a great life! “

“How wonderful to see so many friends and family coming together for something good, instead of something sad! I didn’t expect being 75 to be this fun, and the book launch was a huge success! Kathy said.

"The Missing Easter Bunny Basket"

Kathy Murphy celebrated her 75th birthday with the launch of her book “The Missing Easter Bunny Basket”. (Courtesy / Dan Ingellis) Staten Island Advance

Watch for another fun book signing in the spring, as Easter Sunday approaches, at Doc Hennigan’s Tavern at 1144 Forest Ave., the West Brighton restaurant owned by Dr Craig Campbell, who happens to be the third year son. Kathy’s favorite. professor, Florence Campbell.

“The Missing Easter Bunny Basket” is available on and at Barnes & Noble at Staten Island Mall, New Springville or online at Barnes & Noble.

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