Sebastian Bach denounces bands that use live backing tracks

Sebastian Bach sees how many of his rock heroes are retiring and by nature that means his own veteran status is progressing. However, he seems very concerned about the groups that are rising today.

Speaking to Ultimate Classic Rock, Bach said: “I don’t see a lot of bands coming up that are going to replace [the classic rock stars], because too many of them rely on tapes, and it won’t last the test of time. There’s going to be a time when these bands of tapes are going to have to do this for real, and people are going to say, “This is a pu-ing joke.” And I just know that real musicians hit your heart a lot harder than guys miming on tape. “

So why does Bach think some bands today rely on backing tapes? There are a lot more distractions, which reduces training time.

He says, “Neil Peart and Eddie Van Halen, they weren’t locked in their rooms playing video games 12 hours a day. It didn’t exist. They were locked in a room with their instruments.

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