Save money on new tires for your car

There is no doubt that it costs a lot to have a car in Norway. I do not know if Norway is the most expensive country in the world to have a car, but it must be close to it.

Not only is it expensive to buy a car

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It is also expensive to keep it going. It is now a long time since gasoline started to cost more than 10 kr liters. In addition to gasoline, you also need example. tires. This set of tires your car was born with is not enough – we need both summer and winter when the weather in Norway that we know of change part of the year.

Fortunately, there is money to be saved if you look after you before buying new tires. First and foremost, you can of course compare prices before buying new tires, so you are sure to get them the cheapest possible.

If you are against it

money cash

Then you can do much more than just compare prices. You can, for example. Try to see if you can find any parallel imported tires for a cheaper money. Of course, if you are the one who sets the rules for yourself, you can break these settings, but many are really motivated by this strategy. This turns such very serious and complex budget planning into an interesting game and makes it easier to achieve small goals.

Parallel imported tires are tires are cheaper because they are imported in a different way than normal. These tires are old tires are fitted a new tread.

Budget planning does not have to be something very difficult and unpleasant. It can be a very simple process if you do everything right and do not set yourself unrealistic goals and drastic restrictions that you cannot even meet. Just make budget planning personal and meaningful to your spending.

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