Save $26 on colorful Apple Watch bands in fine Italian leather

You can get 35% off this soft Italian leather strap in teal (pictured), red, yellow or orange.
Photo: Olpr. leather goods company

There are few things more classic than a supple Italian leather watch strap. And the Cult of Mac Store has one on sale right now for your Apple Watch, 35% off (that’s a savings of $26).

Olpr’s Italian Leather Strap is not just a classic leather strap, it’s also colorful. You can get it in red, turquoise, yellow and orange.

Olpr Italian Leather Apple Watch Strap

This custom Italian leather strap by Olpr was designed to stand out. It changes the look of your Apple Watch and adds a splash of color to your outfit. And besides, a leather bracelet is a timeless accessory that hardly ever goes out of style.

The leather watch strap is both comfortable and durable. Imported from Tuscany, the leather is vegetable tanned and acquires a deep patina over time. This means that the more you wear it, the more natural it looks.

It features an aniline finish that makes the leather smooth and supple. With regular wear, it only takes a short time to get the shape of the material in your hand and ensure a good fit.

With multiple precise holes and three sizes, the bracelet fits most wrists. It is compatible with all Apple Watch series. The buckle, available in silver or black, is made of solid stainless steel.

Olpr manufactures its Italian leather straps in the United States.

Price: $75 $49

Or buy: Mac Store Cult