Rashmi Rocket’s Priyanshu Painyuli talks about movies, fitness, future projects, and lots of m

Priyanshu Painyuli’s role as handsome Captain Gagan Thakur in recently released OTT superhit Rashmi rocket still praised from all over more than a month after its release. Without a doubt, this strengthened Priyanshu’s career in Bollywood.

The 33-year-old actor is no newbie to rave reviews, however, and was well received by critics in 2018 when he played Bhavesh Joshi in Superhero Bhavesh Joshi. He was then praised for his role as Robin in Mirzapur 2 to Amazon Prime Video, and is ready to take over the role in Mirzapur 3.

What started as an interest in theater and the stage, brought Priyanshu to the movies to fulfill his dream of being an actor, something he worked on throughout his childhood and early adulthood in Bengaluru. . We caught up with the actor to talk about his upcoming release, Pippa, which should be released soon, its previous version, Rashmi rocket, and everything else he’s working on right now.

Rashmi rocket took my career to the next level. You use each of your projects as a springboard and after a revolutionary film like Superhero Bhavesh Joshi, this is the kind of movie you need to catapult yourself into real mainstream cinema. I got good reviews thanks to Bhavesh Joshi, and popularity came with Mirzapur 2. He is Rashmi rocket, however, it made people take me seriously as a leader, ”he begins.

Rashmi rocket was considered a critically acclaimed film and Priyanshu received a lot of attention for his role as a coach of army athletes. “When Rashmi rocket When I got there I really wanted people to stand up and notice me so I put a lot of effort into creating some tangible chemistry with Taapsee on screen. We were both sure people shouldn’t categorize the movie as just a sports drama and people reminded us of the chemistry we share on screen. Many women tell me that my character, Captain Gagan Thakur (in Rashmi rocket), is a perfect material for husband / boyfriend. I love the accolades, but I also hope they realize that I’ve been married and happy for a year now, ”he says and laughs.

Working with an actress like Taapsee Pannu must have been an incredible experience, especially since Rashmi rocket was hailed as one of Taapsee’s best performances. What was it like to share the limelight with her, we ask. “Taapsee comes across as a strong and serious person, thanks to the kind of roles she has played. When you meet her, however, you realize that she is a typical talkative Delhi girl who is just full of life. we got along really well and really fast. What struck me about her was her insane discipline. I played the character of the army in the movie, but she was standing at

4 a.m. jogging and exercising when I would have trouble even getting out of bed at 10 a.m. It’s really a rocket and like the song in the movie it’s a real Ghani Cool Chori. It’s quite a task to follow her, ”enthuses Priyanshu.

Priyanshu was quite a popular face on the Bengaluru theater scene when he was in college. What people first noticed about him was his good looks, but he quickly turned the tide by garnering good reviews for his performance as well. “I always knew I wanted to be an actor and so my interest in cinema and theater started very young. In college it was more of an obsession with the stage, but as I got older I realized that cinema was also something that intrigued me. I started studying cinema in Bangalore, then I was part of a production start-up that made corporate films and commercials, before deciding to move to Mumbai and seriously pursue cinema in 2010 ”, explains the actor who studied at the military school of Bangalore. .

Photo: Shivaji Sen | MUA: Rahul Chauhan

So, has he ever given Sandalwood or the Kannada film industry a chance? “Of course! I started my career there. I was signed on to play Golden Star Ganesh’s best friend in a movie, but it unfortunately failed. I still remember how good I was. excited about my hand appearing in an ad with Kannada star Diganth Manchale back when I was just starting out. i know kannada swalpa swalpa (a bit), but it was just easier with Hindi and I guess that’s why I debuted with Bang Baaja Baaraat in 2015 ”, enthuses Priyanshu.

Its role in Rashmi rocket, Captain Gagan Thakur, has received critical acclaim for his authentic portrayal of an army officer. Priyanshu admits that being a member of a military school has worked to his advantage. “Yes it was. I knew all the nuances required to play the role of Captain Gagan Thakur and when my father (who was in the military) said my role was very believable; I knew I had done a good job. My father told me that I had played the role of the man of the army credibly in all situations – be it as an officer, husband or even how an officer of the army dances. By the way, I also play the role of a military man in my next version, Pippa. If I miss a role in the army, however, I think I should stop playing, “he adds. laughing.

We’re curious if that’s going to be a plethora of roles in the military now. “I hope not! I don’t mind playing them, but I hope I’m not stereotyped in this role. As an actor, I want to play all kinds of roles. I’ve played the romantic before, the funny and the antagonist and I don’t want my repertoire to end there. That said, I played an army athlete trainer in Rashmi rocket and i play a war hero in Pippa, so there is kind of a difference I guess? »He specifies.

Just like many young Southern actors with Bollywood dreams, Priyanshu also had to move to Mumbai to make things work. While his career began in 2015, it wasn’t until 2018 that he had a big break with Superhero Bhavesh Joshi. From Bengaluru to Mumbai the change must have been huge, but Priyanshu shares that he was determined to achieve what he set out to do, even though he hopes to return to the South one day. “I always knew my future was in Bollywood, I was pretty clear about it. I miss the South a lot and would jump at the possibility of working in the South again. I love Malayalam movies and would love to be a part of one of the industries in the south if big roles come my way. I really miss the laid back attitude that you see in the South and would love to relive that experience. Also, filter coffee, banana leaf meals and Chai Sulaimani – just absolutely irreplaceable! the actor remembers.

Most of our questions having been answered, we decide to end the interview because Priyanshu has filming schedules lined up for the rest of the day. A huge release that is set to hit screens soon and several other projects in the works, we finally ask Priyanshu what we can see him in next. “I can’t speak for most of the projects, but I can say that I play a very different and young character in a cute OTT series that is coming out on a popular OTT platform soon. There is also Mirzapur 3 and the Hindi remake of the hit Kannada turn around. Also in the pipeline is Pippa and I’m really excited about that too, ”the actor concludes.

Priyanshu Painyuli |  Photos: Shivaji Sen |  MUA: Rahul Chauhan
Photo: Shivaji Sen | MUA: Rahul Chauhan

What makes Priyanshu vibrate?
Aptitude: I love running, I love yoga, but I’m not very disciplined about it. I go to the gym when I have to watch the game, but otherwise I just prefer to stay in shape by working out at home.
Skin and hair care: I am very picky about my hair. I love to wear my hair long and curly, and I shamelessly use products to perfect my messy look out of bed. I drink a lot of water and it helps my skin.
Your most passionate hobby: I love scuba diving. I want to travel the world to scuba dive.
First thing to do in the morning: Drink a cup of very hot black coffee.
Last thing you do before sleeping: Listen to something from Thomas Newman or Hans Zimmer.
Five essentials in your travel bag: My sunglasses, headphones, power bank, sanitizer, and a few extra masks.
Guilty pleasure: Mutton moms from Kalsang to Mussoorie.

Rashmi Rocket is streaming on Zee5.

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