Product sheet: Antelope Audio Zen Tour Synergy Core

AIntelope Audio’s philosophy as a company is centered on developing products that are more than the sum of their parts, a concept well represented in the Antelope Audio Zen Tour Synergy Core audio interface.

The first-generation Antelope Audio Zen Tour audio interface was first introduced in 2016 and offered artists and content creators access to Antelope Audio’s rock-solid clocking and recording technology. The second-generation ZenTour Synergy Core is the flagship desktop interface in Antelope Audio’s Synergy Core line of professional audio interfaces and uses the same form factor as the original Zen Tour.

Designed for portability and collaboration, the Zen Tour Synergy Core is a Thunderbolt 3 and USB 2.0 audio interface that delivers the same professional-grade analog-to-digital conversion found in high-end rackmount studio audio interfaces from Antelope Audio. Offering Mac and PC compatibility, the Zen Tour Synergy Core allows for 24-channel recording via USB or 32 channels via Thunderbolt 3. The Zen Tour Synergy Core incorporates a touchscreen that allows flexible front-end control from the hardware interface, including assignable talkback, monitor, attenuation and mute levels, screens for adjusting monitor, headphone and line output and playback levels, plus access to other essential audio controls needed to effectively manage your recording sessions.

The Antelope Audio Zen Tour Synergy Core features four XLR/line inputs, four Hi-Z guitar inputs, two dedicated reamp outputs, and two mastering-grade TRS monitor outputs. There are also eight line outputs (accessible via a standard DB25 DSUB cable), S/PDIF input and output, ADAT input and output, and two stereo headphone outputs. Zen Tour Synergy Core’s four discrete ultra-linear mic preamps deliver 65dB of gain. The maximum sample rate of the Zen Tour Synergy Core is 192 kHz. The four TRS inputs on the front of the Zen Tour Synergy Core are switchable between Hi Z and Line inputs. The four combo inputs on the back of the Zen Tour Synergy Core are switchable between microphone and line level inputs.

The Zen Tour Synergy Core incorporates Antelope Audio’s industry-leading Acoustically Focused Clock technology along with Antelope Audio’s latest-generation Synergy Core chipset, which incorporates four DSP audio engines and two Field Programable Gate (FPGA) array). They combine to deliver extremely high real-time processing power inside the interface itself and enable near-zero latency mixing and tracking, as well as recording with the growing library of the company’s AFX studio-grade effects. An available AFX2DAW bridge software plugin works on Thunderbolt and allows you to use AFX in your DAW.

The flexibility of the Zen Tour’s control software, which controls all hardware and software functions of the Zen Tour Synergy Core, is comprehensive in the extreme. Not just another front-end mixer for controlling basic digital recording parameters and setting recording and playback levels, Antelope Audio Zen Tour’s control software is a virtual patch bay that gives you the ability to route any input to any output while (for example) simultaneously recording dry, processed and reamplified inputs into your DAW (all at the same time!). This functionality includes the ability to route external ADAT inputs from software control software, a great feature that adds significantly to Zen Tour Synergy Core’s flexibility as a portable recording studio. Extensive metering capability is also available, along with a set of diagnostics for troubleshooting and adjusting the volume of inputs and outputs to match other equipment in use.

The basic functionality of Zen Tour Synergy Core control software and how it interacts with your next-level DAW is easy to understand. However, the routing options available are vast, and I’ve found it relatively easy for your audio signal path to get “stuck in the pipeline” when tracking and playing audio. That said, you should expect a learning curve to understand the full capabilities of the control software and how it interacts with the Zen Tour Synergy Core hardware, as well as how it interfaces with your DAW, before proceeding. invite your group for a follow-up session.

Antelope Audio Zen Tour Synergy Core is a premium, pro-level recording interface that requires at least some knowledge of recording studio techniques to operate effectively. To get the most out of the Zen Tour Synergy Core’s extensive routing capability, prior experience working with patchbays is a definite plus. That said, as a recording tool, the Zen Tour Synergy Core is a flexible, portable and professional recording interface with extensive I/O capabilities and is quite capable of keeping up with recording sessions. real size.

Guitarists will find the Antelope Audio Zen Tour Synergy Core ideal for tracking and reamplification as well as integrating external preamps and multi-effects processors into their signal path. The included library of virtual amps and cabinets makes it easy to compose great-sounding DI guitar tracks.

The Zen Tour Synergy Core, to sum up, sounds great and offers a level of routing flexibility that I have never seen in any other audio interface currently available.

Antelope Audio customers include many Grammy-winning sound engineers, celebrities, and some of the world’s most renowned recording, mastering, and post-production studios. All Antelope Audio products are built and supported at the company’s headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Antelope Audio offers 21 hour technical support and is committed to providing full support for its products.

The Antelope Audio Zen Tour Synergy Core is available now for $2,150 MAP. Find out more at: