Max Verstappen was fined five grid places for ignoring the double yellow flags. World championship rival Lewis Hamilton congratulates the FIA ​​on the sanction decision and links it to his own fault in Austria. During qualifying on Saturday, former Verstappen teammate Pierre Gasly stopped on the circuit following a puncture.Read More →

Nicolas Cage has illuminated the big screen with his performances for decades. Although his career has seen its ups and downs, he is undoubtedly a talented actor and he always delivers an entertaining performance. He’s touched on almost every genre, including drama, comedy, action, and horror. Even though he hasRead More →

OK, so who sees any benefit in the climate armageddon we face on the planet we call home? A new strand of art on climate change perhaps? If he presents the incomparable Jarvis Cocker, who released a topical dance number Let’s stick around (which he nicknamed the first “sustainable banger”)Read More →

Death and Beautiful (2021)Directed by: David VerbeekWritten by: David Verbeek, Hugh TraversWith: Anna Marchenko, Aviis Zhong, Gijs Blom, Philip Juan, Yen Tsao MORT & D BEAU (2021)Directed by David VerbeekAn original thrill Five rich in their twenties find themselves helpless without any responsibility and their parents’ inflated wallets burn aRead More →