Old West Weekend Brings Marching Bands From All Over The Valley | Education


Mitchell High School paraded Broadway for the Old West weekend on Saturday morning. They were one of nine groups to participate in the parade.


The 39th Annual Old West Weekend went off without a hitch, bringing together nine different groups to parade on Broadway and three groups for field shows at Bearcat Stadium.

Despite the cold and rain that the training weather bands had to contend with all week, Saturday morning was all sunshine and cool temperatures, making it a great day to walk.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better day,” said Natalie Prokop, group manager of Gering Junior High.

The junior group performed “Dixie” and “That’s Entertainment” as they paraded down the street. Prokop said she was proud of her group of 57, who until last week had not trained together.

“The young children of the high-flying orchestra shook him,” she said. “For having combined two groups this week – we didn’t practice together – they were impressive enough to just put it together this week, so I was impressed and proud. “

Gering High School group principal Emily Hauck, who is in her first year at Gering, said she was proud of her students as well.

“I thought my group was really strong,” she said. “They did ‘Thriller’ really well, and, yeah, they stayed in sync, stayed in line. The hard work paid off from the summer.

The 48-member high school group performed “Thriller” and the Bulldogs’ fight song for the walking competition. A few students felt that while they might not have done as well as other bands, they had one of their best performances.


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