New musical releases to appease your female rage

The best of the best.

Earlier this year, I created a Spotify playlist called “Angry Women Like Me”. I was listening to the Courtney Love episode of You are wrong and it aroused a lot of feelings about the representation of female emotion in music.

The You are wrong podcast was created by Sarah Marshall and Michael Hobbes with the aim of reconsidering a person or event that has been mis-expressed in the public imagination. In many cases, the historical lens they use examines how women have long been abused in the wider public consciousness.

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Princess Diana, Nicole Brown Simpson, Anna Nicole Smith, Monica Lewinski, Tonya Harding and in this case, Courtney Love. How would these women be treated any differently if they rose to prominence today, with a contemporary (and perhaps more objective) focus examining them?

The subtle injustices made me angry. Research has always shown that women feel anger as frequently and as intensely as men, and yet men are given concessions to express their annoyance in ways that women never have.

Not surprisingly, women have been the spearheads of musical movements (punk, rock, rhythm and blues) that have allowed them to lyricize their justified irritability (and in a way where their first-person emotions don’t. cannot be used against them).

As women, we have a million reasons to be angry right now. Inequality, violence, degradation, dehumanization, misogyny, the bingo card is overflowing. Macro and micro factors push me over the edge on a daily basis, and yelling alongside another angry woman vilifies me. So listen to the playlist and scream into the fucking void.

Also, join me next month when I count down my album and songs for the year. It’s gonna be a good one. In the meantime, here are my favorite novelties from the last month.

Disco Juno – Juno’s house PE

Contemporary music will always refer to the past in one way or another. Just as fashion trends reappear in an almost endless loop, so does music.

Juno Disco – Naarm’s synth-nerd duo – is clearly influenced by the sounds of the 80s. On their latest EP, Juno’s house, the couple does well to subtly celebrate their muses while performing a sound of their own. It may be that the “trending” musical pendulum is swinging in their favor right now, or maybe talent works that way.

More than six floating tracks, Juno’s house offers a clear introduction to a sophisticated production style, while providing new songs to rinse off your summer playlist. Start with “Two Streets Over” (with a spicy vocal memo in the middle of the track) and the first presets-esque “Neon Lights”.

Megan Thee stallion – Something for you hotties

Before Meg Thee Stallion was the Grammy-winning college graduate we know today, she was known in rap circles for her unprecedented approach to freestyle. In Houston, she didn’t need to be introduced.

And now for its new version, Something for you hotties. It’s fucking amazing for a woman to be able to put out a commercial collection of loosies like this, and this gift of songs will leave you wondering why they weren’t on an album. “Megan Monday” is a favorite.

Loure – Strobe memories PE

The intersection of house and jazz will always be one of my favorite genres. I may be extremely biased, but that’s the point of a personal column, right? I waited a hot minute to write about Loure. Like Cassettes For Kids, this Naarm-based producer does a lot of things for the local dance music scene. It’s a real joy to listen to, especially when he releases EPs like this.

According to the man himself, Strobe memories was made by “dodging and weaving blockages”.
“Personally, I missed playing shows, seeing friends and just being in the middle of the action. I wanted to do something that recalls moments of conviviality. For me, this is usually found with friends, watching music, and hanging out together under a strobe blanket. Kiss from the head.

Sleeping On Gems Instagram Account

It’s a bit hit and miss, but I like to recommend things that are musically adjacent. A lot of people (nobody) ask me how I keep up to date with new songs, releases, playlists, covers, artists, etc. The answer is irrelevant, but one of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow is this one, Sleeping On Gems.

Sleeping On Gems and his brother account, This seal is wavy are a collective of taste aficionados. I say collective but it can be a person. The account posts new releases, old archived gems, memes, industry events, and all things great music.

Musical taste is subjective; something that caretakers often forget. There is no right or wrong way to engage with the medium. But if you are a little nervous and eager to find new, interesting things, follow this account and you will be really good to go.


Pink Panther – To hell with that

Pink Pantheress is one of my favorite humans to come out of my 2021 musical discoveries. And while TikTok may have made it, a recent one rave album review to The New York Times proves it’s more than just teen hype and algorithmic tapping.

The title of the album, To hell with that, could be a reference to all of this. The main character syndrome which sums up his generation (PP is only 20 years old) consists in romanticizing the boredom and sulking of modern life. And while the raw nature of garage / drum and bass music is the album’s soundtrack, it’s its brooding, bedroom-soprano voice that grounds its anarchy.

RPC fishing – “Heavy”

People really love Peach PRC. I understand. She’s cute, emotionally transparent, and leans so deep into the aesthetic of a manic dream girl that she’s basically horizontal. Regarding his songs, the jury is still absent. Yes, she has been praised by publications like Paper and TikTok basically falls to his feet, but I’ll need a full project to be convinced by the power of his musical prowess.

This song, “Heavy,” is a slow, ballad review of the baggage she brings to a relationship. “That’s all I was told, I’m heavy to hold,” is a poetically plaintive insight. I will be interested to see how she executes her first project.

Kaytranada – Intimidated

Traditionalist Kaytranada fans might be a bit disappointed with this new three-track mixtape. The production is a little less dancey, becoming more of a place where he experiments with low-fi sound, really allowing the features to shine.

HER delivers aerial vocals on “Insatiable” and Thundercat does his very predictable thing on “Be Careful”. The clearly standing out track, “$ payforhaiti”, features Haitian Mach-Hommy, who interweaves Creole and English flows alongside Kaytra’s signature energetic backing.

Other notable mentions:

‘Ezinna’ – B Wise ft Sampa The Great and Milan Ring

“Message in a hammer” – Obongjayar

“I deserve” – ​​Smino

Sweetheart ‘Queen of the Frontier’

‘Heather’ – Sarah Saint James

Imperturbable – Mossy

‘Big Bidness’ – Young T & Bugzy

‘Shygirl’ – Cleo

“Power at rest” – Dirty Versachi

‘Wig Split’ – Pouya ft Denzel Curry

“Write a list of things to look forward to” – Courtney Barnett

‘Smooth’ – BJ The Chicago Kid

‘Power (Floorplan Remix)’ – TSHA

‘Health’ – Stromae

‘Fue Major’ – Kali Uchis feat. SZA

30 РAd̬le (obviously)

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