New Chapters owners hail ‘fantastic’ customers as beloved bookstore reopens

It was a joyous day for many book readers in Dublin, as the beloved Chapters independent bookstore on Parnell Street reopened earlier today.

Hearts were broken in January, when chapters announced that after 40 years of operating in locations across the city, they would close their doors.

But Ireland’s biggest independent bookstore opened today after Gamesworld owners Kevin Neary and Michael Finucane bought the business.

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The duo set up Gamesworld at the rear of Chapters’ original location on Middle Abbey Street, Dublin, in 1994 with around 300 square feet (28 square meters) to the rear of the shop.

Speaking to Dublin Live, Mick Finucane said of the reopening: “It’s been great, the customers have been fantastic and so supportive and loyal. It’s been an incredible welcome to the store and I hope we have another 40 years.

“It’s exciting, I was like a young kid on Christmas Eve last night, it was awesome.”

According to Mick, the reopening of the popular store happened when they saw the huge public reaction to the store closing.

He said, “We realized very quickly that we weren’t the only ones with a chapter story, all of these people had their own chapter story and we just said maybe we should try to do something. thing about it.”

They contacted former Chapters owners, Willie and Gerard, and purchased the company’s assets.

Mick said: “So we decided to reopen the store and get to market as quickly as possible and we opened this morning at 10am and it was brilliant.

“We have fantastic customers and we hope everyone has a great time and loves the books they buy from Chapters.”

Chapters also has a mix of new and old staff, and is looking for new staff to drop off their CVs at the Parnell Street store.

Like the previous store, Chapters also retains its famous used book section.

Mick explained: “Second-hand is something that’s really important to Chapters and Chapters customers, the beauty of second-hand is, I guess, from an environmental point of view, it’s the reuse of books, and this is the first thing we should be aware of from an environmental point of view.

“But secondly it makes a lot more books accessible to everyone and that’s a really important thing for us, we want books to be as accessible to people as possible.”

Chapters bookshop is now reopened on Parnell Street in Dublin with its first online sale due in the coming weeks.

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