New book sheds light on Northwest larch ecology

Stephen F. Arno of Missoula has self-published via Amazon a book on the ecology and history of the Northwestern larch titled “Golden Trees of the Mountain West”.

According to the cover of the book, “Each fall, the Northwestern larch puts on a dazzling spectacle, taking on golden yellow hues as it prepares for winter. Larch is a beautiful and important feature of the forests of the northwest, but surprisingly, very little is known about them.

Arno’s book explores the ecology of these fascinating trees, as well as their history with humans and their role in the natural world.

In “Golden Trees of the Mountain West,” Arno identifies the unique qualities and characteristics of western larch and alpine larch, their specific habitats, and how humans and animals have interacted with larch throughout history. The last chapter deals with the future of larch management.

Packed with over 50 color photographs, “Golden Trees of the Mountain West” also contains a visitor’s guide to seeing larch in the Northwest and Bitterroot Valley. It is available through Amazon.

About the Author

Stephen F. Arno has devoted his 28-year career to forest ecology research at the US Forest Service. He holds a doctorate. in Forest and Plant Sciences from the University of Montana and is considered an expert in forest ecology, fire ecology and prescribed burn application and fuel management.

Prior to his career with the US Forest Service, Arno had worked as a firefighter in Washington and as a naturalist ranger in Sequoia-Kings and Olympic National Parks.

He is now retired and lives in Missoula.