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Music technology company AI Musiio has launched a segment selection tool for music on TIC Tac, Instagram Stories and YouTube Shorts.

Musiio’s Segment Select API aims to help artists and rights holders achieve the best possible results for abridged video content. It follows the explosion of CGU and viral moments on platforms including TikTok, including the re-emergence of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams.

TikTok has become the primary destination for content creators to create their unique take on the track in video form. Musiio’s automated tool helps labels make the best selection to use across platforms, as well as navigate their catalog, to create a 30-second, 45-second, or 60-second clip.

“At Musiio, we have trained our AI to be able to find these segments to take the stress out of the decision-making process and make this approach infinitely scalable,” the company said. “Our AI has the power to deliver timecodes for your entire catalog and frontline versions, finding the sections most likely to be successful. “

After rigorous development testing, Musiio said it was “able to automatically identify the best section of any track that correlates … with its viral potential.”

The multiparametric approach of Musiio’s TikTok algorithm includes:

Voice detection: The AI ​​can “listen” and spot the start and end points of lyrics.

Recognition of verses and choirs: AI can find verse and chorus and can detect intro sections that work for TikTok creators

Gender-specific segment detection: AI is formed using 84 popular genres, from electronics to bluegrass.

The final output is a timecode that can be submitted to TikTok to start at that exact point.

Hazel Savage, CEO of Musiio, said, “The release of any new product is always great news at Musiio, and I’m proud of our new Segment Select API. Our AI can already understand 84 different genres and recognize whether music has the potential to be successful or not, and now we’ve trained it to be able to find the best music sections for viral videos.

“Our goal in founding the company has always been to give artists the greatest opportunity for music to be heard and almost four years later we are still able to find new and innovative ways to make it happen. to do. Short video has had a huge impact on the music industry, so developing a product that serves artists and makes their music more discoverable is very exciting.

Recently secured music Hipgnose as a new customer for its technology, which allows rights holders to tag, search, and organize catalogs for opportunities such as sync locations.

The company was valued at $ 10 million following a round of investment, including support from The founder of the Tileyard group, Paul Kempe.

Segment Select technology is available via the sales team as an API, or processed internally by Musiio.

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