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New Delhi, October 8: Music and man have a different relationship. Whatever our mood, music always supports us. When you’re sad, music cheers you up, while when you’re happy, even when you’re enjoying a moment, good music makes the moment unforgettable. Music is also used as a remedy for many ailments. This is called music therapy. This therapy is said to help treat many mental illnesses. We are all facing a very stressful situation right now. Stress is different for everyone. From the current political environment, social situation, weather to the many stresses in personal life, music therapy can be put to good use. Lorrie Kubicek wrote a blog on this subject at from Harvard Health Publishing at Harvard Medical School. She works as a certified music therapist at Massachusetts General Hospital. Here is a summary of information from his blog. The post-Covid era has been a time of mental testing for everyone across the globe. Music therapy has helped many people out of this situation. It has recently been proven by research that music therapy has an effect on quality of life. Researchers say that music therapy works well to get out of stress, problem and relax, to give a new perspective to life. Although listening to music, singing, playing an instrument and music therapy can greatly improve mental health, our physical health can also improve to some extent. These two things are of course related to our way of life.

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When can music therapy be helpful?

It is best to seek treatment from a certified music therapist. These certified therapists have completed postgraduate therapy courses. Music therapy is of two types active and receptive. Active music therapy involves singing to oneself, playing an instrument, creating digital music, etc. The receptive type includes listening to music, creating imaginary situations accompanied by music, creating playlists, etc.

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The goals of music therapy can be to reduce anxiety, improve mood, relieve pain during treatment for cancer or other similar illnesses, help with self-expression, and gain motivation. The type of music therapy that is best for you depends on the individual.

listen to music

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It has been the most studied in almost all situations. Whether it’s live or recorded music, music can be played with focus or in the background. You can listen to music to calm your mind. Listening to music can make a huge positive difference if you’re not feeling well or badly.

Learn to play an instrument (Instrument) or play

It made us forget our grief for a while. Our attention is drawn elsewhere. The pain is reduced. It is also used to express emotions. Sometimes certain instruments are designed in a very simple way to facilitate expression or learning. It takes time for you to master playing an instrument. This period teaches you endurance.


If your voice is good, definitely give it a try. Singing often allows us to feel free. Not only that, singing also has health benefits. It has a good effect on the performance of your lungs. Music is an integral part of our life. Music can play an important role in changing your life, making many difficult things easier, and inspiring you to achieve your goals. Just take time out of the daily routine and enjoy the music therapy. Maybe your life will be more beautiful.

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