Music star Ridi’s playlist


By: Asjad Nazir

Music star RISING Ridi followed his powerful debut single best guy with a recently released song merry-go-round.

She once again combined meaningful lyrics with commercial music and stunning vocals on a song exploring the circular nature of life.

The brilliant song continues an interesting journey for the teenage talent, who is also an anti-bullying activist.

eastern eye asked the young singer-songwriter to pick 10 songs she loves.

Papaoutai by Stromae: An absolute legend of a song. I love how Stromae, who comes from Belgium but also has roots in other countries, manages to tell the story of his father, while keeping his song so uplifting and danceable.

Stay with me by Sam Smith: I listen to this amazing song a lot. It’s not just about feelings of insecurity within a relationship, but also about what a toxic relationship can do to someone.

love on the brain by Rihanna: I feel like it’s one of Rihanna’s best works. It’s so heartfelt but shows off her voice beautifully.

best guy by Ridi: One of the first songs I wrote. I released it when I was 16 so it has a special place in my heart. High school was never an easy time for me, so I was really expressing the power imbalance I felt not just inside, but throughout my life.

Turn In The Void by Indila: This song definitely comes before his other legendary song Last Dance. To all Indila fans, please don’t get too mad at me.

Main Shayar in Nahin by Shailendra Singh: This song from the classic Indian film Policeman is really very special to me. Not only is it the epitome of my beautiful culture and my country, but it’s also the first song my father sang to my mother. I didn’t know about this connection with my father, but I automatically liked it. I was told this after hearing it many times and it made the song even more special to me.

pumped up Kicks by Foster The People: This super upbeat song has a pretty dark feel to it that always geeks me out. Anyone who has ever felt like a misfit or feels like a misfit can relate to his raw lyrics.

lose my religion by REM: What an oldie, but such a goldie. I don’t think I need words to explain why this song is so great.

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen: Well, first of all, this song is a lyrical genius. The way they were able to blend different genres of music into one song and tell a story is simply breathtaking. Who doesn’t love this song?

merry-go-round by Ridi: Finally, my most recent single and if I may say so, the one of which I am most proud. I’ve managed to blend the Indian and Western sides of myself in a way that not only enhances the story of the song, but also makes it sound pretty dope. In this song, you won’t just hear guitar, but that guitar will be complemented by tabla, which is a pretty fun mix. So I really hope you like the song.

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