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Monette community unites in tornado

MONETTE, Ark. (KAIT) – The screams of fear after the tornado in Monette could be heard a mile away.

“It’s something I’ll probably die with.” Honestly, to think that the kids could be hurt. You know, pretty tough, ”said Jordan Woods, a resident of Monette.

Dozens of homes across Monette were destroyed by the tornado. A couple of owners shared their experiences that night.

Woods’ house has been hit hard. Her door was blown out, windows shattered, and planks flew from the front to the back of her house.

On Friday evening, he left his home to help the neighbors stay safe.

“We were able to leave our house and we were actually able to go to my mother’s house and she has a storm cellar,” he said.

He let his neighbor, Tony Benham Jr. and his family, enter the storm shelter.

Benham made sure his children and wife were in the shelter, but his mother was tied to a bed in the house and could not leave.

He chose to stay with her inside the house.

“I grabbed that king-size mattress and threw it on its feet and we hit where the furnace is,” Benham said.

Benham said he flew through the house and found himself under a lot of debris. Fortunately, they all made it out alive.

“You see what happened, we did everything we could do. We walked across the room,” he said.

The two neighbors shared that the unit protected everyone.

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