MobyFox Watch Straps: The Perfect Gift for the Fan Who Has Everything

Exhibit C: there is still a lot to do

Listen, your honor, while I imagine most of the jury is already convinced of the prestigious quality of the MobyFox brands, I promise you that my closing argument is still worth hearing. Because even if you’re not a fan of emo Batman, the world of superheroes seems a little too intimidating, or the intensity of Star Wars and Game of Thrones is not your state of current spirit, MobyFox has even more!

I want to pay tribute to Eddie Munson from stranger things (the best thing about the last season, obviously) and the nerd-tastic wonder of Dungeons & Dragons? You are covered.

Do you really like to show your love for, say, Harry Potter but want something more simplistic? Something true fans will recognize? You are covered.

Or, wait a second, do you want something a bit out of the fantasy and more realistic? What’s cornier than old-school space science? You are covered.

One small step for nerds, one giant leap for those who love fantastic, high-quality watch straps.

And that’s just the surface of the designs MobyFox’s watch brands have in store. They have Hello Kitty, Sonic, rick and morty, The Powerpuff Girls (!), and even Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory among their giant collection. And even better, MobyFox is growing! Their new releases include The Nightmare Before Christmas.