MIKE PORTNOY Names The Only Three ’90s Bands He Thought “Making Metal” At The Time

Drummer Mike Portnoy (Liquid tension experiment, Transatlanticetc.) recently answered a few questions via Cameo for YouTube channel Sobre La Dosis, one of which was whether he prefers the 80s or 90s for metal. portnoy said he felt the 90s were “starting to go downhill” and the names Pantera, burialand machine head as three then-new bands who “really did metal.”

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“Well, for metal, I would have to say the 80s, because the 90s started to go downhill. Once grunge came, the 90s… Really, the only thing going for metal, for me at least, in the 90s were Pantera, burialand machine head; they were really the only new bands doing metal. All the other great 90s metal bands all came up in the 80s. So for me, the 80s, we have Metallic, Anthrax, Killer, Exaggerated, Exodus, Megadeth… It was the whole thrash scene, and then all the early 80s stuff, you had Rainbow and AC DC and I accept and Motorhead and Sabbath and Priest and Young lady. So I think the 80s was definitely the stronger decade of the two.”

I think there is an argument to be made for Never again also being the “fourth” on this list, but yes – portnoy pretty much nailed it with this one.

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