Melbourne Bands to See Live: Miscellaneous

Lyrics by James Robertson

This week, meet Ben and Scott from Divers, experimental indie rockers who bring their creativity to their gigs.

Completed by Jack on bass and Tom on drums, Divers released their second EP The sensory edition earlier this year and supported Flyying Colors and the Terrys, proud of their versatile sound. “We’re really sporadic,” Ben says. “It could be heavy that way, or heavy that way – or even just really cold. We have fucking songs, really relaxing songs and really empowering songs.

Offstage, Divers are a group of friends through and through. “It’s a strength of our group,” says Scott. “We are literally just friends. We hang out fucking a lot. But that never gets in the way of their desire to create music. “It’s not one foot in and one foot out. We are inside.

I sat down with Ben and Scott to chat about all things Miscellaneous, somehow finding our way to Harry Potter, Kurt Vile, and Stereo Beauty.

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What are your most unlikely inspirations?

Ben and Scott offered surprising answers about what inspires them. “Instruments are unlikely,” Ben says. “You find an instrument you like and you want to play it. It’s the most inspiring thing. You write the song based on how it sounds to you.

Scott’s offerings were less music-related, but inspiring nonetheless. “The Harry Potter books. I don’t know how it relates to the music, but they’re inspiring,” Scott says, before offering “The Wright Brothers. The two brothers who invented the airplane. I have always loved them. They are just cool. They just had a crack. I’ve always been inspired by people who jump into the unknown.

If you could shoot anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

“I would say America,” Ben said. “They have a good indie scene there and I think someone is going to like our sound there. America is so niche with all its different scenes. They have massive stages for such small niches. You could probably be fine with being an indie band in America.

Which song of yours has the strangest origins?

“There’s a song we called ‘Happy/Sad’,” Ben said. “It was weird where we were thinking about stereo music. How you have left and right, and can have two separate experiences. We wrote a song with a happy right-leaning guitar melody, and then we wrote a sad lyric song that has been slanted to the left so when you listen to the song the lyrics match but they don’t you can tell there are two different things going on the listener should s Train to take out one earbud to get one song, then if you take out the other one, you get another song. Two songs in one song. It depends on your mood. You can copy the happy version or the sad version.

What albums should be in your band’s record collection?

Scott chooses an indie classic from the 2000s. “MGMT – Spectacular Oracular,” he says. “I think anyone could get around that one.”

God tells you this… of Kurt Vile,” Ben chooses. “It’s just the sounds it contains and the way it creates a mood. It puts you in a headspace. It’s a style that I love. It’s a super important album for me. It carried me through loads of trips abroad. Every time I hear one of these particular songs, I go right back to it. All of these feelings come right back. That’s really what I want to do as an artist. I want people to feel certain things when they listen to music again.

A question from the group…

I ask Ben and Scott what question they would like me to ask them. They respond with – “What is the best moment of your life?” We took a trip down memory lane on a road trip across the United States.

“We’ve been to Yosemite and New Orleans and seen some really cool places,” Ben says. “People always say they don’t want to go to America because there are so many disturbed people there, but that’s also the draw. They’re the weirdest people, but they have this beautiful country with all that sick scenery. Found a cricket bat there. We drove for about five hours then stopped to play cricket. We sat in the parking lot, played cricket for two hours, then we kept driving.”

Finally, why should people who don’t know you come to see your concert?

“Listen to our music and follow us. Our ecosystem is built around creativity and we want to make things as interesting as possible. I hope it will continue to improve and be a journey for people who are starting to listen to us now. It’s gonna be one hell of a ride if they keep going. It’s gonna be fun. We want to keep people on the edge of their seat during our shows.

You can listen to the premiere of Divers two EPs on Spotify and catch them supporting Sputnik Sweetheart this Saturday night.