Mammoth WVH + Dirty Honey address rock fans angry with new bands

Mammoth WVH and Dirty Honey are just two of a number of younger rock bands rising on the scene right now, despite everything “dead rock” believers may think.

Mammoth WVH did a big tour with Guns N ‘Roses earlier this year, and Dirty Honey was with The Black Crowes. Now the two rookie groups will hit the road together in early 2022 for a headlining race dubbed the Tour of the young guns.

Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez spoke to Mammoth WVH mastermind Wolfgang Van Halen as well as Dirty Honey frontman Marc LaBelle about the tour and why so many Rock ‘n’ roll fans seem to resent the idea of ​​new bands becoming popular.

“I think a lot of it is nostalgia for things that were better back then, and more attention is being paid to other genres right now. But I think if you say ‘rock is dead’ you You’re wrong. And I think that’s a big point about this tour, is that we’re the ‘young guns’ of the genre, and we’re here to prove that we can do it as well as the old guys. commented Van Halen.

“I would argue best in many cases quite honestly,” added LaBelle. “Rock fans seem to get a little angry every time a new act comes on the scene and starts making waves. I remember when Greta [Van Fleet] came out, it was like a total mix of people absolutely shitting on them, or people who loved them. “

LaBelle noted that he was supportive of Greta Van Fleet and thought they were great, especially because their success helped shine the spotlight on other, younger rock groups.

“Who cares that there may be some nostalgia in the sound of their music? It’s a good thing for all of us that they’re successful – why would we hate them?”

The full interview will be released in January before the Young guns tour kick off, so be sure to check it out then.

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