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Local Kentucky Musicians and Bands Perform Benefit Concert at SKYPAC to Raise Money for Tornado Relief

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) — The BG Strong concert was finally able to go ahead after being postponed due to last week’s snowstorm.

“After the day of the tornado, I went downtown to help out there,” said Caden Bailey, the event organizer and creator. “And you know, I just saw the destruction and the people who didn’t have their homes and stuff like that. So I just decided that I should do some for BG.

Student of Greenwood High School Cayden Bailey posted on Facebook that he wanted to do something to help provide relief to those affected in our community. This young man and his idea led to Friday night’s full-fledged relief benefit concert. To ensure the concert would take place, Bailey said he spoke with several groups, people and places to make it happen.

“The last month of my life, that’s all I thought about, but it’s pretty important to me and overall, it just becomes a part of me, I just think about helping and, and stuff like that”. Caden said.

“It’s amazing how big this is and how our community can come together and support each other during this difficult time,” said Emorie Osborne, founder of the nonprofit Good Deeds KY and the non-profit association chosen for the donations.

Good Deeds KY started as The Good Deeds Club by Emorie eight years ago when she was in kindergarten. “When I heard about the gig, and we were the chosen nonprofit, I couldn’t wait for it to happen,” she said. To learn more about the association, click here.

Several local Kentucky artists took part in the show, including Bexar, the headlining band, with Bowling Green banjo and guitarist Logan Turner. “You know, I grew up here, graduated from Bowling Green and graduated from Western. So this is, this is my house. And it meant a lot to me to be able to come back here and give back. This is our first show here. So we’re delighted to be back,” he said.

The benefit concert also featured Dusty Leigh of Louisville, Big V, Mills, Twang and Round, Kiss Kiss Bang and Mojo Thunder.

For the musicians on stage, the concert was not limited to being able to play.

“I’m from Kentucky. I love Kentucky Kentucky has been good to me,” Dusty Leigh said, “I just feel like how close it gets to home, you know, to really affect you. It affects my friends and family and I know hundreds of people who have been affected by this and it’s just like, what else can I do to give them to be here”.

“I just want to do things with the city and do my part,” Big V lead singer Vito Tisdale said.

When asked what #BGStrong meant to them, many artists talked about giving back to the community.

“I think it’s just being able to give what we can have what we do in our work to be able to give back and do it in a way where we can hopefully, you know, raise money and cheer up, you know, that’s pretty special,” Tuner said. “I really want to bring some joy to tonight.”

All proceeds from the concert will be donated to tornado relief efforts in Warren County as well as Good Deeds KY.

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