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Kristoffer Polaha continues his writing journey with where the sun risesthe last novel he co-wrote with Anna Gomez. The novel is the second book of the From Kona with love series, sequel Times like this. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Kristoffer about why where the sun rises is a novel very different from Times like this.

Kristoffer Polaha
Kristoffer Polaha has written a new book. (MediaPunch/Shutterstock)

“I will say this Times like this was a very frothy and evasive read. You could jam it overnight. People loved her for who she was and for what she is. It’s a wonderful book. It’s super frothy and escapist,” Kristoffer explained. “We wanted to go a little further with where the sun rises we wanted to tackle more complicated and difficult questions about what it means to be authentic, what it means to feel like an impostor. Someone described the book as A star is born but with surfboards. You have this really troubled guy, and you have this amazing, strong woman. You see how they come together, and there are a lot of twists and turns in a romance novel. I don’t want to give anything away, but we really wanted to create an anti-romance novel in the genre of romance.

The romance novel genre has exploded in popularity over the past couple of years. Kristoffer says the romantic genre in literature is a “totally different story” from romantic films.

“My audience for most of my career has been women. prince of america at unexpected life to all the work that I do on Hallmark, it’s fun to be able to tell stories directly to that audience in a way that they can take a physical book home with them, read it, bookmark the pages, offer gifts, buy one for your friends. It’s a really cool way or a great extension to communicate with my fans and the people who love my work. So for me, it’s just another way of telling stories,” he said.

Times like this will now receive the film treatment. Erin BrownThomas will adapt Kristoffer and Anna’s book into a film. “Ultimately, the goal is to take these books, turn them into movies, and create a little universe,” Kristoffer admitted.

When it comes to the Times like this movie, Kristoffer is “all in. My ambition is to achieve it. I want to play Warren for the first movie. That’s it. »

Yes, he wants to play Warren. “You have to invite yourself to the table,” explained the actor. “I’ve been saying this since I was a kid at NYU, but I’ve seen it happen over and over again with friends of mine, but also historically you have to be proactive and create your own stuff.”

Kristoffer and Anna are currently working on the third book in the series. “Each book takes place on a different island. So Times like this takes place on Oahu, where the sun rises is on Kauai, and the third book is currently called Moloka’i because it’s going to take place on Moloka’i, which is one of the smaller and lesser-known islands in the chain. We have this beautiful love story that takes you back in time and somehow pays homage to where all the stories take place. This kind of Kona plantation itself, we go into the story of this. It’s really fun and the fact that there are no rules, the fact that Anna and I are creating the universe as we go and by ourselves, it’s really about telling stories that we love.

Kristoffer Polaha
Kristoffer Polaha with Marisol Nichols in their new Hallmark movie. (Punch)

In addition to the release of where the sun risesKristoffer is also starring in the upcoming Hallmark movie We wish you a Christmas together with Riverdale alum Marisol Nichols. Kristoffer said the film is another example of how Hallmark is “pushing its comfort zone.”

He continued, “They try to tell different stories and more diverse stories. This includes hiring more diverse actors and telling different types of stories. This one, he’s still living in that Hallmark bubble, but it’s an already married couple. They’re going through this, and they’re not okay. The divorce conversation is on the table, so when you meet this couple, you meet a couple who are on the brink. I liked it because it’s delicate. When you watch a Hallmark movie, you encourage two strangers who have just fallen in love to meet, it’s a very simple formula, and it makes you feel all the feelings. With this one, they are already married. There’s no first kiss, like what were we working towards? So it was really tricky. But I think we pulled it off, and it allowed me to flex some chops that a lot of people didn’t get to see.