John Duane Conley’s new book receives warm literary reception

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“Reviewed by Maria Victoria Beltran for Readers’ Favorite

Cin – The Millennial Dragon: The Story of Cinnamon the Dragon (re-imagined) by John Duane Conley is an action-packed fantasy novel about a dragon and the great kingdom of Northspire. The story unfolds with Prince Victor of Northspire and his friend and personal bodyguard Aaron ambushed by bandits on their way home from a diplomatic mission. Prince Victor ends up marrying the beautiful Commelina and soon after their daughter Kira is born and they ascend to the throne. Later, when all the ancient mages request the presence of the king for an urgent matter, life in the kingdom will not be the same. What follows is a journey into a magical world where a dragon is born every thousand years to fulfill its destiny of protecting a kingdom from total destruction.

Aside from the fact that the setting of John Duane Conley’s Cin – The Millennial Dragon is pleasingly unique, the novel’s pacing is incredible. There is simply no respite from the plot twists and each of the scenes is vital to the story. The non-stop action, despite everything, maintains the focus on various characters, which in itself is a true literary achievement. It’s a tale of friendship, love, loss and bravery and it’s quite inspiring. As the kingdom of Northspire is threatened with oblivion, everyone’s courage will be pushed to limits they have never known before. And despite this, Cinnamon is one of those dragons that is more adorable than fearsome. Highly recommended for readers of all ages!”

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