Jesse L. Dunn and Renée La Montagne Dunn’s book, “The GO Broken to Beautiful Manual: What to Do When Life Leaves You Broken” becomes a bestseller!


IDAHO FALLS, ID, October 16, 2021 / 24-7PressRelease / – Jesse L. Dunn and Renée La Montagne Dunn have launched their new book, “The GO Broken to Beautiful Manual: What to Do When Life Leaves You Broken”, and it is which has become a No. 1 international bestseller.

Many people experience heartaches and tragedies in their lives. When the heart breaks, when we feel absolutely crushed, our heartache is just as deep as the next person. It takes courage to come out of the paralysis of victim life to embrace the joy and exhilaration of becoming a Victor. We applaud you for making the choice (and the first step) to rise above your devastation.

This manual teaches the principles and provides practical tools found in GO Broken to Beautiful â„¢ and GO Broken to Badass â„¢ coach-led courses. In this book, the goal – and hopefully your ultimate goal – is to move from darkness to light so that you can become stable, then succeed, and finally, grasp all the good things. While we sometimes feel like we’re drowning in the things we’ve been through, you can walk away from the bad things, you can develop new strength, and you can grow in the process. You will learn life skills, new habits to successfully cope with abuse, addiction, the profound loss associated with divorce or financial failure, or grief over the death of a loved one. This book will help you overcome the traps of stress and anxiety, procrastination, complacency and fear that keep so many people from realizing their divine potential. You will find your life purpose, improve your relationships with others, improve your spirituality, and react resiliently to adversity. You will increase your personal power as you increase your response capacity – your “response capacity”.

Stop negative thought patterns that lead you into depression and darkness. Elevate yourself to the life you were meant to live on a deep level, a better life in every way.
Because being better is better than just feeling better.

In a recent interview with the Thriving Entrepreneur radio show, Jesse and Renée said, “The course and the manual begin to lay down some fundamentals. The whole concept is not a program just to feel better, […] we sincerely believe that is the program, because to be better is better than to feel better.

Host Steve Kidd said, “This program and this manual can be life-changing if you follow it! It’s amazing what can happen to you when you have the right mindset and are given the right tools and principles. I encourage everyone to buy Dunn’s book on Amazon today!

Jesse and Rene’e The Mountain Dunn are the owners of New View Concepts, LLC. Together, they created a spirituality-based program for those injured by life called GO Broken to Beautiful â„¢ (for women) and GO Broken to Badass â„¢ (for men). This coach-led course includes videos, worksheets and a comprehensive course manual, the GO Broken to Beautiful â„¢ —What to Do When Life Leaves You Broken â„¢ manual, which recently rose through the ranks to become a best-seller. international seller n ° 1.

The Dunns collectively bring extensive business and educational experience to the market. Jesse’s passion and expertise in transformational change has been cultivated over more than 30 years of senior leadership in the not-for-profit and for-profit sectors. He has worked with groups and organizations ranging from Fortune 500s to start-ups, small and medium businesses. He is a business consultant and training mediator. Dunn believes, however, that his most significant accomplishments have come from counseling people striving to improve their lives and circumstances. He is a personal coach trainer in response capacity and a quantum educator. His undergraduate degree is in psychology and he holds a master’s degree in organizational management. He is a certified cognitive behavioral therapy practitioner, author, teacher and speaker. He is also a trainer, coach and certified speaker for the John Maxwell team. Dunn has trained tens of thousands of participants around the world in the same tools and principles described in the GO Broken to Beautiful â„¢ manual. Dunn’s own battles to overcome the ravages of divorce, financial ruin, homelessness, and chronic illness are woven throughout the chapters of the Handbook. He is a father, grandfather, author, clergyman and civic leader.

Renée brings to the table the richness of entrepreneurial and life experience. She is a real estate investor, author, has owned numerous restaurants, motels and lodges in the great outdoors. Her expertise comes from her business leadership strengthening the motivation, vision and personal development of her many employees and the clients (and inmates) she coaches. His struggles and triumphs in overcoming the trauma associated with rape, abuse, abandonment and divorce are described in the GO Broken to Beautiful course manual. She is the mother of an alcoholic daughter and highlights her experience with addiction, empowerment and recovery. Rene’e’s story of disruption and success offers unchallenged empathy and expertise. Renée credits her success and determined purpose to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. She is a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, and wife and partner of Jesse Dunn.

Together, the Dunns are actively training people to become Personal Response Skills â„¢ Coaches, helping life-broken people recover from divorce, abuse, financial failure, poor self-esteem. self, bad habits and perpetual negative thought patterns. Their coaches, the GO Broken to Beautiful â„¢ course and comprehensive manual were so successful that the Dunns created the GO Broken to Beautiful non-profit foundation, The Prison Project. With their certified response capacity coaches, they take the manual and course in prisons and prisons across the country, teaching prisoners life-changing tools and skills to become stable and successful, breaking generational bars of abuse. , drug addiction and crime. , and poverty.

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