Jamesha Ross launches new book in a bid to help women struggling with procrastination achieve their goals

“Unstoppable: The Art of Crushing Goals with Confidence, Resilience, and Motivation” aims to help women turn their goals and visions into action so they can become their best self.

Well-known author, nurse entrepreneur, app developer, inventor and success coach, Jamesha Ross has finally launched her new book which will give women everywhere a roadmap to success. After overcoming adversity at a young age, Jamesha hopes to inspire teens and women to live purpose-driven lives and break the habit of procrastination.

The book’s author, Jamesha Ross, is quoted as saying, “Most people know I’m a registered nurse and an entrepreneur, but they don’t know that I’ve endured child abuse, gang violence, violent marriage and pregnancy at the age of 14. became unstoppable overcoming what I was not equipped to handle. I provide my readers with a roadmap to success so they can become unstoppable.

“I believe inspiring others is what defines success at its ultimate level. Because true perfection can be a mistake that encourages procrastination in many people, I want to help women everywhere learn and understand through this book that progress is always better than perfection,” she continues.

Jamesha has been defying statistics and helping other women achieve their goals for 15 years. She currently lives in Oklahoma with her husband and beautiful children.

More information about Jamesha Ross and her new book can be obtained at jamesharossrn.com.

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