HOCR 2021: Reassemble the 2020 groups – Responsible for the coverage of the Charles regatta

When the chef of Charles returned this year after his pandemic hiatus of 2020, the race committee did not forget the alumni of the college class of 2020 and decided to create a special division of medals in Alumni / Alumnae events. for seniors who lost their last season in spring 2020.

This class of course had its elder Charles, in the fall of 2019, and nothing can really replace the racing opportunities that were lost when the world of rowing and sport abruptly closed in March 2020, but for groups like the Brown Women – who won the 2020 Alumnae 8 award with a row that placed them 6th overall – this special category provided the perfect excuse to get together for one more row together.

Harvard Lights 2020, aka Boyce RC

A total of 16 schools have organized registrations, and given how difficult it must be to put together a full class now some 18 months after this unfortunate senior season, it was great to see so many groups of happy graduates doing it. the effort to be here in Boston for each other.

row2k has heard of at least a few schools that have managed to get their entire class of 2020 up and running, including Harvard Lights, Cornell Women and 7 Wellesley Senior 2020 members.

A “full 7” was also the head count for the winning brunette women, and for them it was their full class reunited for the first time in a boat since the day they found out they were all heading home for complete their final year. in line.

We met Bruno’s wives while they were waiting to gather at the awards tent and asked them – Alaena Roberds, Andrea Bernhardt, Julia Lynn, Louise Sommer, Tessa Mackey, Cate Porter and coxswain Anna Odell – what this was to recover the group Encore together:

row2k: What was it like racing in the boat today, as a class?

Alaena Roberts: Awesome – I think our last time all together was March 2020 and it was our first time to row [since]. Literally today was most of our “first times” to row since then.

Tessa Mackey: Law [laughing]-I have not touched an oar since March 10, 2020.

row2k: Anna, what was it like leading this class once again on the course?

Anna Odell: It was so much fun. We had a great time on the course. We paused at Eliot to move around and get the inside turn on UVA and then we passed them on the turn, it was really fun.

Louise Sommer: We took a nice “10” for our 2020 season.

Alaena Roberts: She called him for our senior season – it was a great call.

Anna Odell: It was really fun to be back. It’s our whole class, all seven of us, all back in the boat together. We all came back for it.

row2k: Great, so: next year again?

All: Yes!

Anna Odell: We are still a little higher. We all thought we could get back in the boat so honestly knowing we can still row it was pretty fun.

In fact, according to Alaena Roberds, the Charles’ run seems to be a lot better when you do it in an alum eight, so we’re not surprised these 2020 Bruno’s are addicted and planning to come back.

Other schools that had fun and followed the regatta guideline of having at least 75% of the crew graduating by 2020 were: Boston College, Boston University, Bowdoin, Columbia (men and women), Cornell, Dartmouth Lights, FIT, Harvard Lights, Manhattan, Middlebury (men and women), Northeastern, Villanova, Washington College, Wellesley and Williams rowed the 1920s well!

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