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Just in time for the haunting season is Ready, Steady, Die! ‘ with ‘Darkstar’, from the horror album ‘Accidents’. The video was made with AI technology

BROOKLYN, NY, USA, Nov. 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — MUSIC-NEWS.com | On your marks, get set, die! First video of “Darkstar”

The haunting season is upon us once again. Bare trees, long shadows, deep twilights and autumnal darkness – it’s all back and it needs a proper soundtrack. We can’t say what to do to resist the annual scare, but we make sure it’s all Ready, Steady, Die! is the group with the sound that corresponds to the moment. “Darkstar,” the final single from the pleasantly horror-stricken Accidents album, is the story of a serial killer, and Ready, Steady, Die! matched the narration to music that amplifies the sense of danger that hovers around this band like Dracula’s cape. The song is insidious, suggestive, seductive and beautiful, and it feels like the final chapter of a chilling story designed to leave a lingering and delicious chill.

But as scary as the song is, the video, made with sensitivity and lots of imagination by WeekendClass, is scarier. It’s an animated clip meant to unsettle the viewer – an ever-changing fantasy where everything seems to shift, melt, fade and slide. And the scariest thing about it? The “Darkstar” video was made with the help of the latest artificial intelligence technology. It’s true: even our machines tell us scary stories.

“Darkstar” continues the band’s winning streak since the spring 2022 release of Accidents, an album that showcases the near-telepathic interaction between producer and multi-instrumentalist Morgan Visconti and vocalist and lyricist Sam K. single follows “Kiss It”, a track that combines sex, muscle and menace in a way that no one has managed to do before. Adventurous music fans reacted: Independent videos for “Kiss It” and the set’s previous singles have been streamed tens of thousands of times on YouTube.

They’ve also created anticipation for the group’s next move, and the “Darkstar” video is their most ambitious project yet. Stable Diffusion and Midjourney may not be well known yet, but these text-to-image generators are changing the way artistic production is understood and consumed. Morgan Visconti and Sam K, ahead of the curve, are quite simply among the first to harness the power of computer imagination and apply it to a music video. The “Darkstar” music video contains hundreds upon hundreds of digitally created images of Victorian-era scenes, many of which evoke the story of Jack the Ripper, and they chained them together in a mad rush of steam trains, of antique portraits and spooky mansion. halls. The scariest are the faces that just don’t stay still and morph and move before our eyes – including a series in which an ordinary-looking young man turns into a leering demon.

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