Here are the 10 most haunted hotels in England to book for Halloween

Spending spooky nights away in a haunted place is one of the best ways to celebrate Halloween! And with the world’s spookiest vacation already here, travelers might be on the lookout for places where things go awry after dark. England is home to some of the most historic places in the world, which feature some of the spookiest stories, some involving ghostly people, and anything else that would interest a Halloween fan. Looking for the spookiest hotels to spend Halloween in England? These are the most haunted places to book.

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ten Mermaid Inn, Rye, England

Boasting a long history dating back to the 1100s, Mermaid Inn is one of the most haunted hotels to book for Halloween in England. Located in the historic town of Rye, this hotel is also one of the oldest buildings in the country. Mermaid Inn served as the base of operations for the infamous Hawkhurst Gang in the 1700s. Locals believe five members of the gang still occupy the house, and they are among the many spirits that haunt the hotel. Among the inn’s ghostly tales is the wife of the gang’s founder, George Gray, swinging on a chair in room 17!

9 The Bell Hotel, Norfolk

The Bell Hotel is one of the best and most comfortable places to spend a few nights while visiting England for Halloween. Travelers can book rooms facing the river for the most spectacular views. Some rooms in the hotel are believed to be haunted by a woman who used to own the place, and a member of staff actually promised never to spend the night there. Nestled close to Thetford Forest, the dog-friendly Bell Hotel is a great place to spend a spooky evening after a full day outdoors.

  • Lodging:
    The Bell Hotel

  • Address:
    Rue King, 0., Thetford, IP24 2AZ

  • Approvals:
    Restaurant, bar/lounge, room service, free Wi-Fi, coffee machine, free parking, flat screen TV, meeting/banquet rooms and internet.

8 Jamaica Inn, Cornwall

Jamaica Inn’s history dates back to the 18th century, involving murder, smugglers, and pirate stories. Its long and beautiful history has ghostly tales; no wonder it’s considered one of the most haunted places in Cornwall. The hotel is actually overflowing with spirits to the point of being hunted down regularly. Some holidaymakers and staff have reported hearing voices speaking in Cornish, footsteps walking through some of the empty rooms, and ghosts walking through the hotel at night.

seven Malmaison, Oxford

Malmaison has a history dating back to the 1800s and guarantees an unforgettable Halloween holiday in England. The hotel features a modern interior design with heavy prison-like doors. Staying at this hotel gives travelers incredible access to some of the city’s most iconic attractions. The hotel has several ghost stories, some of which include the spirits of prisoners executed many years ago. Ghosts are said to roam the public areas of the hotel and some rooms.

  • Lodging:
    Bad house

  • Address:
    3 Oxford Castle, Oxford, OX1 1AY

  • Approvals:
    Restaurant, bar/lounge, room service, free wifi, coffee/tea maker, coffee maker, valet parking, wifi available everywhere, flat screen TV.

6 Queensberry, Bath

Located in the heart of Georgian Bath, The Queensberry offers an incredible blend of modern design and historic architecture, providing holidaymakers with a beautiful interior garden and wonderful restaurants with plenty of dining options. Travelers staying here will have free internet access, available in all areas. It’s one of the best places to spend a luxurious Halloween vacation, thanks to stylish accommodations, valet parking, and top-notch room service.

5 Search for Ettington Park Hotel, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Set in 40 acres of beautiful grounds, the Ettington Park Hotel is family-run and guarantees an epic stay for holidaymakers looking for the perfect accommodation option for Halloween. The hotel features beautiful paintings, sumptuous rooms and magnificent design with an excellent mix of modern and traditional architecture. A swimming pool and sauna are just some of the many amenities that vacationers can enjoy at this hotel. The hotel has a long gallery, said to be haunted by the spirits of an elderly lady and an army officer. Some travelers have reported seeing books stolen from the library.

4 Dean Court Hotel, York

With just 37 rooms, the Dean Court Hotel is boutique-like and one of the most haunted hotels to book for Halloween in England. The hotel is a perfect option for vacationers looking for a spooky spot near the city center and full of historical sights. The hotel is said to be haunted by an angry maid who was seen after the hotel was last renovated over a decade ago.

  • Lodging:
    Dean Court Hotel

  • Address:
    Duncombe Place North Yorkshire, York, YO1 7EF

  • Approvals:
    Restaurant, bar/lounge, room service, free Wi-Fi, coffee machine, coffee shop, valet parking, Wi-Fi available everywhere and flat screen TV.

3 Langham, London

Located at the top of Regent Street, the Langham is one of the most magnificent hotels in England, and its convenient location makes it a perfect choice for a Halloween holiday. Boasting over 380 luxurious and larger elegant rooms. The hotel features many ghostly tales, including that of a Victorian gentleman said to haunt room 333. There is also the story of a doctor who killed his wife while honeymooning at the hotel. The spirit of the woman appears and disappears in the hotel.

  • Lodging:
    The Langham

  • Address:
    1C Portland Place, London, W1B 1JA

  • Approvals:
    Indoor pool, spa, wellness center, fitness center, restaurant, bar/lounge, room service, free Wi-Fi, tea/coffee making facilities, coffee and coffee making facilities.

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2 Talbot Hotel, Oundle, Northampton

Talbot is definitely one of the most haunted hotels in England to book for Halloween. Talbot is said to be haunted by Mary Queen of Scots, so if celebrity is something of interest then this is the best place to stay. The hotel’s staircase was once used to decorate Fotheringhay Castle, where Queen Mary passed before she was beheaded after being found guilty of conspiring in the death of an English monarch.

1 Congham Hall Hotel & Spa, King’s Lynn, Norfolk

Nestled deep in the Norfolk countryside, the Congham Hall Hotel & Spa is one of the spookiest places to spend Halloween in England. Staying here gives holidaymakers easy access to some of the finest sandy beaches surrounding North Norfolk. There are also beautiful nature reserves, bustling market towns and the best markets within walking distance. Bordered by thirty hectares of parkland, the hotel has a magnificent garden with 400 varieties of herbs. Some hotel rooms are dog-friendly and have a private terrace.