Green Day Features New Music In Latest ‘1972’ Music Video

Green Day previewed a snippet of new music in their latest “1972” teaser clip — check it out below.

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Last month, the band shared a short snippet of them recording music at RAK Studios in London, to what could be a new song. At one point in the clip, the numbers “1972” appear on screen.

They followed it up earlier this month with a mysterious split-screen teaser that sees frontman Billie Joe Armstrong strum an acoustic riff as archival black-and-white footage plays in reverse. The numbers “1972” appear again.

Green Day has now shared another teaser clip, giving fans a little more insight into what appears to be new incoming music.

The three band members can be seen discussing a melody and rehearsing as a track reminiscent of “The Static Age” from 2009’s “21st Century Breakdown” plays above the video. Halfway through, bassist Mike Dirnt sprays “1972” on a wall before spraying the camera lens with what appears to be the number 3.

You can see the latest teaser below:

Recent teasers for the band have fans speculating that the rock titans have written and recorded a new album, with many trying to figure out the meaning of “1972.”

One fan pointed out that all three members of the band – Armstrong, Dirnt and Tré Cool – were born in 1972, with another fan adding: “1972? 50th anniversary special? »

Fans on Reddit also pointed out that the post dates of the three teaser clips constitute “1972” when put together: “The first post was posted on December 19th, then the second was posted on January 7th. January ) So 1972.”

Green Day’s last album was 2020’s “Father Of All Motherfuckers”. In a four-star review, NME‘s Andrew Trendell praised him for being a “good old knee high”, free from the usual band politics.

“Green Day was bold and cheeky and unassuming,” he wrote. “Their intent is laid bare when comparing two of the band’s record covers: ‘American Idiot’ was a heart like a hand grenade, ‘Father Of All’ is a rainbow-spewing unicorn. Don’t try to make sense of it. Just enjoy.”

Meanwhile, Green Day is among a number of new names added to the 2022 edition of Rock In Rio in Brazil.

Rio De Janeiro’s legendary festival will take place September 2-4 and 8-11 next year and is already hosting Post Malone, Iron Maiden and Måneskin alongside Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato.