François Klark talks about his new music and his new album

Francois Clark. Photo credit: Kyla Zanardi of Benson & Oak

Rising singer-songwriter François Klark talked about his new album “Adventure Book”, which is out Friday, July 29.

How was “Fuego” born? Beautiful song!

The idea for ‘Fuego’ was born following a trip I made to Antigua, Guatemala. The song is named after one of two volcanoes just outside of Antigua and is about my experience hiking volcanoes and traveling through Guatemala.

What inspires your music and your compositions?

I firmly believe that you have to live to write – life has to happen to you. I often write about what I’ve experienced or thought, but I also like to imagine fictional stories and write songs about them – almost like I’m describing a movie playing in my head.

My muses are many: nature, music and intimate relationships in my life. However, for this particular album, travel and the music, art and cultures I encountered were my main inspirations.

How did you approach the selection of songs for the new album “Adventure Book”?

As I reminisced about the adventures and travels I’ve had. The experiences and stories of these travels gave birth to the concept of the album and became the perfect vehicle for exploring themes of wanderlust, youth, relationships and faith.

Which artists would you like to do a dream collaboration with and why?

British artist Labrinth (Timothy Lee McKenzie) – I’ve been a huge fan of his for many years. I am crazy about his production and his writing. His writing and production are incredibly creative, always surprising and beautiful.

I would also jump at the chance to sing with Chris Martin. It doesn’t have to be a big task…just a little acoustic duet on an old upright piano would do. I love his songwriting – his lyrics, melodic choices and chord changes. I also like, more than anything, to be around and work with good people, and Chris seems to be a real mensch.

What does the word success mean to you?

Experiencing joy and fulfillment in my life, my relationships and my work despite successes or failures.

What would you like to tell our readers about “Fuego”?

Our days on this beautiful planet are few – live them to the full. Incredible and life-changing moments await you right outside your door – enter them boldly, whether grand or mundane. I had a blast making this song. I hope ‘Fuego’ puts a smile on your face and ignites a flame in your chest to boldly go out into the world. May it bring you great joy.

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