Force’ Season 1, Episode 8 Recap

Tommy presents distributions with the new version of Dahlia. At first glance, both crews questioned the authenticity of the product. There is no glow. But, after testing it, they realize the high is just as strong and are 100% on board. Tommy is eager to expand with the new release ready to hit the streets and onboard distributions. Whenever decisions are made relatively quickly or ego-informed, something is wrong – let’s hope that’s not the case here.

Walter finally receives a diagnosis: he has cancer.

Tommy learns more about JP’s financial troubles while helping JP redevelop their grandmother’s old house. The club is under seizure and his father’s medical bills are expensive. The insurance does not cover the stay he needs in his heart. To help him (and his business), Tommy decides to bring JP on the team. Her new role will be to work in the lab with Liliana and Lauryn.

At the hair salon, Diamond and Jenard are having a good time. While cutting his brother’s hair, Diamond asks Jenard what he would do differently if he was still running CBI. Jenard told him that he would expand and invest in the new drug. Although he speaks of these two strategies as hypothetical, he has already activated both plans without Diamond’s knowledge. In their conversation, he tells Diamond that CBI started and will end with him. Encrypted messaging sounds like both a lie and the truth. I don’t quite believe Jenard has the guts to kill his brother yet, but he definitely wants to come out from under his wing.

As Dahlia buzzes the streets, many organization leaders try to answer the million-dollar question: Who’s behind the drugs? Vic charges Bennigan with discovery. Another officer is currently blackmailing him, so he’s charging Vic double his usual fee for the information (talk about dirty cops). Meanwhile, Jenard offers $20,000 to anyone who can fetch him information about the drug’s origins.

This episode should be called “Nosey-ass Drug Dealers” because everyone wants to know everything. Walter once again asks Vic to find out what Claudia did. Vic pushes back and tells his father that he has no desire to spy on his sister. His father, however, scolds him about the responsibilities of his role in their family business. Apparently spying on his sister is included in the job description. Upset and wanting to piss off his father, Vic reminds his father of his intention to settle down with Gloria, regardless of his approval.

As the Flynn family continues to have internal and external conflicts, Tommy and JP mourn their grandmother. She died in hospital moments after a visit from JP. When JP shares the news with Tommy, he urges him to call Kate.

Before Tommy can focus on whether he will call his mother, he makes a requested appearance at Flynn’s estate. Now, what would Walter Flynn want with Mr. Tommy Eagan? Walter offers Tommy a rather strange proposition. He invites Tommy to join the Flynn organization. Tommy doesn’t take her gesture as flattering and rudely refuses. Feeling a bit salty, Walter questions Tommy about his relationship with Gloria. His deep racist beliefs will not allow him to give up his attempt to break up Vic and Gloria. Tommy educates him a bit. He defends Gloria and Vic’s love union and points out to Walter that he is the only problem. The conversation ends with Walter threatening to end Gloria’s life.

Walter’s erratic behavior and his tumultuous relationship with his children seem to be a direct result of heartbreak. After Tommy leaves the mansion, Pauly and Walter have a heartfelt conversation. He points out to Walter that he is pushing his children away rather than bringing them closer. Walter is concerned about the future of the organization. He doesn’t think Vic is ready and refuses to appoint Claudia to lead the organization. Pauly now knows that Walter has run out of time due to his illness. During this conversation, we also find out that Walter hit Gloria, but Pauly intentionally ignored the order.

After realizing Walter’s hatred for Gloria, Tommy decides to warn Vic to protect Gloria. He sets up the perfect getaway plan for Vic and demands that he protect Gloria. Vic is quite skeptical of Tommy’s motives but presents the plan to Gloria anyway. He sold the land and repaid his debt. Both now have the opportunity to leave Chicago and go somewhere forever.

Not only is everyone equally curious in this episode, but the Flynn family has a knack for pitching business propositions to others. Ignoring Tommy’s instructions, Claudia visits Diamond and offers him an offer of 10%. She does not give him the details of the case yet. But Diamond is wise and feels it’s Dahlia. He also realizes that Claudia’s speech is rooted in bad business practices, so he calls it a bluff. If she can only offer 10%, she must be in business with others who are not present. He quickly declines his agreement.

Diamond’s wisdom also allows him to sense Adrian’s bullshit from a mile away. He questions her motives after finding out who she is through a Google search. She tells him the truth and admits that she fell in love with him.

The loss of his grandmother causes Tommy to think more about Kate. He spends a few moments looking at old family photos and video footage. Recollection is interrupted by work. Tommy packs his bag and heads to Claudia to distribute their profits. Claudia tells him that she doesn’t want to hide in the shadows anymore. She is quite shocked that Tommy supports her decision. The two realize that the decision to waive their anonymity puts them in danger. However, Tommy reassures her that he is ready for anything, even going to war with his father.

On the other side of Chicago, D-Mac gets in Tommy’s way and asks Tommy to put him on. Impressed by his hunger and knowledge of numbers, Tommy gives his nephew (though he doesn’t yet know he’s his nephew) an impromptu audition and hires him on the spot. JP also auditions for Liliana and Tommy for the role of a cook. So far things are going well, but I hope it stays that way.

On his way to visit his drug-addicted son, Paulie stops to visit Vic. They catch up on family events, including Vic and Walter’s relationship. During this conversation, Paulie drops a light bombshell on Vic. He tells her that his father invited Tommy to join the organization, but he left out the part where Tommy refused. Vic receives this news as Tommy has ulterior motives and delays in leaving town. He remains determined to be with Gloria, however, and the two dream of their new last names and new beginnings together. Almost immediately after exchanging a passionate kiss, they were ambushed by the Serbs. Vic’s truck is riddled with bullets – a fatal bullet hit Gloria in the face, leaving Vic heartbroken.

After learning from his crew that the Hasidic Jews have Dahlia, Jenard robs and kills one of the men. He brings the drugs to cousin Buddy in Gary. At first, Buddy isn’t interested in designer drugs, but he quickly changes his mind after trying Dahlia. With an extra army on board, Jenard changes the name of Dahlia’s drug to “Black Magic”, and since he doesn’t actually have the product, he sets up a plan to rob and kill anyone who has Dahlia – decisions that Diamond would never approve.
Curious about the new kid he’s hired, Tommy follows D-Mac and notices him burying a box. When Tommy opens the box, he finds pictures of a baby D-Mac with JP – he realizes who D-Mac is.

Kate reappears in Tommy’s mind. He picks up the phone to call her, but when she answers, we realize it’s JP, not Tommy, on the other line.