Fabulous Readings – Book Explores the Beauty of Relationships

Neighbors, Danielle Steel, Pan Macmillan, ISBN: 9781250126115

THIS beautiful story follows a variety and colorful lineup of characters. The first of these is a lady named Meredith, a mother and movie star who became a recluse, lost so much and had to cut herself off from the world when she tragically lost her son in an accident. Over the years, she finds her voice and her power in a tragic period when an earthquake hits her neighborhood.

With the help of those around her, she manages to overcome her fears, finds love and also assists a broken Julia, a battered mother of two who lives under the shadow of her pompous husband. She fought to survive and lived to create a safe environment for her children.

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Another of the plots follows a budding love between Peter and Ava, a couple who, if they want their relationship to be successful, must be completely transparent with each other.

A blind man, who plays the piano, opens his house to his young assistant and acts as a father figure when trouble looms. Charles, a retiree, enters the fray and unmasks the crooks who mismanaged and looted an estate.

From broken minds who are rekindled, to those with a broken heart and others who are learning to forgive and thrive, this novel is a fabulous and easy read. Each of them is trying to find the best way forward to rebuild themselves and move forward after the storm has passed.

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