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The Eastern Nigeria International Film Festival ENIFF started last Wednesday in Enugu showing 50 films from 15 countries around the world.
The four-day event features, among other films, a Moroccan film, “Ultimate King”, best Nigerian narrative film, “Yahoo Plus” and other award-winning films.
ENIFF co-founder Obianujuaku Akukwe-Nwakalor, who spoke to reporters in Enugu at the start of the premiere on Wednesday, revealed that the film festival included the participation of major Nollywood actors such as Pet Edochie.
Akukwe-Nwakalor, however, regretted that Nollywood, which had its roots in the southeast, was pulled from the area due to a lack of equipment and support for the dwindling fortunes of actors and artists based in the South East. ‘is.
She also said the development had forced most actors and artists in the southeast to relocate to Lagos, where there are better opportunities for the industry.
She said, “They (actors and artists) fight because they don’t have the right equipment; they don’t have the right support; they do not have money.
“To produce a movie that can compete, that can at least be on NETFLIX, you need millions of naira and people here (East) don’t understand what investing means. If I tell you to invest 100 million naira in my film, you do not understand and because you do not understand how you are going to make 300 million naira out of it, you are not going to invest ”.
Akukwe-Nwakalor, along with co-founder Mr. Chris Odili, is organizing a film festival called Eastern Nigeria International Film Festival (ENIFF) in Enugu through the Eastern Nigeria Film and Arts Initiative, said the idea was to create a bridge and set up a hub to the southeast.
“We are basically in the process of filling the entertainment space or grid and setting up a creative hub in the south-eastern part of Nigeria.
“Yes, we have pockets of stuff going on here. But, you will agree with me that we are taking a step back. We are the backbenchers right now when it comes to entertainment space. Everything takes place in Lagos.
“I was from Abuja and things as simple as finding a projector were very difficult. This is because people do not use or require such here.
“We forgot that the Nollywood industry actually started from here in the Southeast. But we have lost steam, ”Akukwe-Nwakalor said.
The idea of ​​the festival, she explained, was to come home, to create a space where young people, especially those in schools, could be trained to learn film education, by bringing in animators from different regions of Africa and the world. so that they can learn with their best hands what the creative space is.
“We start from education. We teach them first to understand how it works. Until you understand it will change your mindset and when your mindset changes, now you can start to think about how to make money.