DISTURBED Films Music Video For First Single From Upcoming Album

DISTURBED was in Los Angeles on Tuesday June 14 to film a music video for the first single from the band’s upcoming studio album.

Guitarist Dan Donegan and bassist John Moyer the two shared photos from before and during filming, with Dan writing, “Time to make a music video! First single from the new album coming in the very near future.” Moyer added in a separate article: “The performance of the group is about to drop! New DISTURBED Coming soon!!”

Earlier this month, DISTURBED singer David Draiman said the band’s next album will contain a “surprise track” that will “blow [fans’] spirits.”

On June 2, the 49-year-old leader took to his Twitter write about DISTURBEDfollowed by that of 2018 “Evolution”: “Listen to the mixes again. Amazing record. Very proud. (Plus there’s a surprise track here that will blow your mind)”.

Last month, Draiman tell the public to DISTURBED‘s concert in Camden, New Jersey that the band’s new LP will be released “soon”. He added: “It’s about 90% heavy as shit. Now there’s still 10% caring and love [laughs] – 10 percent. Hey, for everyone who fell in love with ‘The Sound of Silence’ [SIMON & GARFUNKEL] cover, I thought, you know… But the rest? ‘Sickness’-, “Ten Thousand Fists”-time DISTURBED, for sure. It excites you ? Because I’ll tell you, we’re really excited about it.”

In April, DISTURBED drummer Mike Wengren Told “The Mistress Carrie Podcast” that he and his bandmates are “definitely in the middle of the process” of creating a new album. “We have written, we have recorded,” he said. “I’m very excited about everything we’re up to right now. It feels good, it sounds good.”

He continued: “We don’t necessarily have a definitive schedule at this time. [for the album’s release]. After two years of the pandemic, we just took our time to try to put out the best record of our careers and top everything we’ve done before.

“I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised when they finally get a chance to hear this,” Mike added.

wengrenComments from came just a few days later Draiman confirmed that DISTURBED has finished recording the new LP. Before that, Draiman shared a since deleted instagram photo of a whiteboard – which looks like it was taken in a recording studio – DISTURBEDprogresses with recording. On the board, 10 songs were listed, with titles such as “Hey you”, “Love to Hate” and “A part of me”. David captioned the photo: “And that’s a wrap folks. #HolyShitIsThisGood #epic @disturbed.” The guitar tuning for each track was also included on the whiteboard, with most of them using “Standard C#”, “Drop C#” or “Drop C” tuning. One track was also recorded in the “Drop A #” setting, while another is in the “Drop B” setting.

Draiman talked about the progress of the songwriting sessions for the new DISTURBED album during a recent appearance on “Whiplash”the KLOS radio show hosted by full metal jackie. Regarding what it’s been like for him and his bandmates to reunite in person after such a long separation and re-ignite the creative process, he said, “There’s really no substitute for it. C was a continuous topic of conversation during the week we had together between our two gigs that we played in Indiana. [in early November] and our performance at Daytona for [the] Welcome to Rockville [festival]. There really is no substitute. There are not any. The energy and that realization when you have something. Compare it to fishing, and you finally catch a big one. [Laughs] This is incredibly, incredibly exciting. And we were on fire.”

As for the musical direction of the new DISTURBED songs, Draiman says, “The material is somewhere between ‘Disease’ and “Ten Thousand Fists” insofar as I would identify it as sound. It’s rhythmic, it’s hammering, it’s anthemic, it’s polysyncopated. It’s meat and potatoes DISTURBED.”

David also discussed DISTURBEDthe apparent decision to pursue a more aggressive musical approach on his next LP compared to “Evolution”on which nearly half of the songs were acoustic or semi-acoustic.

“It’s a different kind of itch that you scratch,” he said. “You can get the satisfaction that comes from, say, playing peacefully with your children somewhere and you can get another kind of satisfaction from engaging in football in full contact with your buddies. It’s just a different feeling. They are both equally equally rewarding, but sometimes you just have a little more liking for one than the other. And right now, we’re definitely – we’ve been sinking our teeth into this style. wanted to do the more aggressive stuff. We wanted to take it home. We wanted to get back to the ‘groove so hard you can’t stop moving your head’ kind of stuff. So here we are, and we love it .

Prior to DISTURBEDthe appearance of at the 2021 edition of Welcome to Rockville last november, Draiman Told Lou Brutus of Radio hard drive that the band will likely do things slightly differently with the next release. “The way I see it happening is that we’re probably not going to release something in the traditional feature film; we’re probably going to do two separate versions,” he explained. “So we’ll probably have one slated for release – if everything works as planned – by the fall, and then maybe something the following year as well.” When Brutus asked Draiman to clarify if this means that the next DISTURBED the release will be an EP, David said: “Set it however you like, but it would take five or six songs at a time – something like that.

“We live in an environment and a time right now where people’s music consumption has been very sonic and very song-driven and very single-driven,” he continued. “And there is certainly a certain beauty in continuing to try and [make] things like concept records and telling a long story over the length of a series of songs – there’s huge merit in that – but I think when you write 10 songs and three of them are actually worked on the radio and maybe if you’re lucky the fans really know half the record and the rest ends up sitting on a shelf and if you end up releasing it one day it’s like a dark time and weird during the set, and it’s almost free for yourself. I don’t want to do this anymore. I want everything to count. I want to make sure we get the biggest bang for whatever we put out there. I think this should be easily achievable. It seems to be where the environment is going, and it seems to be – whether we like it or not – what the digital age has taken us to.”

DISTURBED performed live for the first time in nearly two years last September as one of the headliners of the stronger than life festival in Louisville, Kentucky.

In March 2021, DISTURBEDit is “The Illness 20th Anniversary Tour” has been officially cancelled. The visit to the amphitheater, with a very special guest STAIN and BAD WOLVES, was originally scheduled to take place in the summer of 2020 but was postponed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was eventually completely abandoned.

“The Illness 20th Anniversary Tour” was to celebrate the 20th anniversary of DISTURBEDthe flagship album of “Disease”. During the tour, the group was to perform songs from the album, as well as pieces from “Evolution” and DISTURBEDextensive catalog.