Diane Brooks’ book ‘It’s Crystal Clear and All About the Dad’ follows dad’s sexy exploits through two marriages that have a lasting effect on his daughter Andi

Diane Brooks, a caring grandmother-to-be who gave her heart to her family, has finished her new book “It’s Crystal Clear and All About the Dad”: an incredible story that begins with a major fire, the rape of a beautiful young daughter and images of wonderful vacations that should never have seen the light of day. The adventures never end, and the plot continues to entertain and beg you to move on.

Brooks shares: “That sinking feeling of doom was back as Andi waited again for a doctor to tell her that her own daughter was out of the woods, that she would be fine against all odds. , and that the stem cell insurrection would be the panacea. The search for bone marrow to help Maddie, her one and only child, leads her into a world of mystery, travel, confusion and disbelief in her own name. and his legacy.

Published by Page Publishing, Diane Brooks’ gripping tale follows Andi as she ventures far and wide in search of two possible bone marrow matches for her daughter in an effort to save her life.

Readers wishing to experience this captivating tome can purchase “It’s Crystal Clear and All About the Dad” in bookstores worldwide or online at Apple’s iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble. .

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