Debbie Millman launches book full of interviews from her popular Design Matters podcast

To date, Debbie has been nominated by fast business as the most creative in the industry and one of the “most influential designers working today” by Graphic design USA. Alongside her podcasting activities, she is also the author of six books and is the President Emeritus of the American Institute of Graphic Arts – one of only five women to hold this position in 100 years. Additionally, his podcast, design matters, won a Cooper Hewitt National Design Award, six Webby nominations, and named Best Overall Podcast by Apple Podcasts. This new title therefore comes as a fitting complement to his long career. On the introductory page of the book, Debbie writes, “Here we are, a decade and a half into a grand experiment. This book represents a collection of works, a love letter to creativity, a testimony to the power of curiosity.

Through her podcast, Debbie has become well known for her relatable interview process; she is able to draw unexpected and revealing responses from her subjects. “I have discovered that the arc of a creative life is an arc, and I am endlessly fascinated by how people become who they are and how the decisions they make in their lifetime affect their work”, explains Debbie in the Liberation.

Maria Popova, a Bulgarian writer who contributed to the books, says, “I saw person after person leave their studio beaming with ecstatic relief to feel what we all ultimately wish to feel: deeply understood and appreciated, a little more in touch with ourselves beyond ourselves, remembering who and what we are in the fullness of our being.

Why Design Matters: Conversations with the World’s Most Creative People is available for pre-order here.