Cinemaria Films presents the BubbleRapApp on sharing and caring

The BubbleRapApp is a children’s book to read in rhythm and in rhymes about sharing and caring

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The BubbleRapApp is a children’s book to read in rhythm and rhyme about sharing and caring. With that in mind, all proceeds will help bring global access to lifesaving vaccines.

The BubbleRapApp, BRA for short, is a new storytelling experience in which the underwater adventures of Freddy the Fish teach kids the value of caring and sharing, even when it doesn’t seem appreciated. Developer Derryl Burke says his inspiration came from his own home, telling bedtime stories he made up to his significant other, Caroline.

This beautifully illustrated and paced story was created with purpose and message. This message may also be important for adults to listen to – the importance of “sharing and caring” with a motivation to get everyone vaccinated. The BRA puts its money where its mouth is. All proceeds from the sale of the app go to RED (, an organization founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver. RED funds global health initiatives and supports programs in the communities hardest hit by the pandemic.

The BRA is the product of that message, giving users the ability to record their own voice while rapping the story, providing a more personalized and meaningful experience – especially for children, when the message is from someone they know and love.

Cinemaria films aim to get their message across the world while using the BRA This message, held tightly by game developer Derryl, is that he believes quality of life and gaming can be better when the world is a safe place, and we can all help that happen by spreading the message of sharing and caring. Derryl Films and Cinemaria are doing their part of sharing and caring by donating proceeds from BRA to RED (

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