‘Busy’ Denman Island with music

Denman Island has a population of nearly 1,400, according to the latest census.

Several of them turn out to be musicians, as a number of them have banded together to release a compilation CD.

The result, Occupied Denman, was released this year to offer a sample of what musicians, singers and songwriters have to offer, with everything from roots music to electronica. The Denman Ukulele Ensemble even contributes a song in honor of their house.

“There are a lot of things you wouldn’t expect here,” says Adam Percy, one of the producers. “We did all the recording here with them.”

At the helm with Percy were Chris Wardman and Eli Hason. All three operate Secret Clubhouse Sound and have decided to record certain projects they are involved in as well as the work of other members of the community.

“We’ve been doing our studio for a few years now,” he says.

All three have roots in the Canadian music scene. Hason is a sound engineer and touring DJ, Wardman was a member of Toronto new wave band Blue Peter and has played or produced many acts over the years, while Percy has performed with artists like Econoline Crush and Bif among others. Naked.

Despite their varied backgrounds, each ended up on Denman, where they found a music scene a little under the radar for some.

“We all kind of ended up on the same island,” Percy says.

In addition to producing, the three take part in some of the tracks, such as Percy’s involvement with Avro where he partners with singer-songwriter and poet Megan Rose.

All three show up for the play “Ole Denmanistan”, as Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Some artists are more experienced, while others are relatively new. The case in point is Ocea White, who was known to have a great voice but, Percy says, also happened to be a great songwriter. She is still a teenager and was new to the recording process.

“She had never been in the studio before,” he adds.

So far the response to the CD has been positive and not at home.

“We’re getting a lot of attention outside of Denman,” Percy said.

Although there is no club on the island, events like the open mic in the room give people the chance to hone their skills, and Percy says the whole Comox Valley offers opportunities, often through through some of the smaller music festivals like Woodstove, for regional events. artists to gain a few followers.

The compilation also includes covers by painter Kari Wasylciew. It is available for purchase on the Bandcamp website, digital download services, and streaming services.

Physical CDs can also be purchased from Abraxas Books on Denman and other record stores. For more information, visit https://occupieddenman.com/

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Occupied Denman offers a musical slice of island life. Picture provided

Conrad Campbell contributed the song

Conrad Campbell contributed the song “Silver Stars” to the CD. Photo provided