Bridport students launch ‘Buy a book for our library’ appeal

STUDENTS at Sir John Colfox Academy have launched a ‘buy a book for our school library’ appeal.

Two of the student librarians – Kitty and Amber – hope the generous locals might consider buying a book for their library while they shop. Their campaign is supported by The Book Shop, in Bridport, which hosts the student wish list of books.

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Amber, 15, said: ‘We thought of the idea when we were doing an internship at the library. Nicky from the bookstore came to advise us on ways to promote reading and also offered to help us set up our appeal, which we were delighted with.

Kitty, 14, said: “Some young people don’t have a lot of books at home, so it’s more important than ever to make sure our library has the latest interesting and engaging books. We have a budget for new books, but we are always keen to get as many as possible.

“Thank you in advance to anyone who would consider buying a book for our library and thank you also to the Bookstore for helping us. Thank you also to the Bookstore for giving us a nice box of books.

Nicky Mathewson from the South Street bookshop came to visit students at their library last week

She said: “It was nice to meet the enthusiastic and enterprising student librarians at Colfox.

“We are of course very happy to contribute to their appeal and encourage the next generation of Bridport readers. I know how generous our regular customers are, so I think their appeal has a good chance.

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Liz Launder, Literacy and Reading Coordinator at Sir John Colfox Academy, said: “Learning to love reading is a joy: it’s great for our well-being. There’s a book for everyone, and we’re committed to finding the right book for every student. »

To help Kitty and Amber’s library appeal you can walk into the South Street bookshop and buy a book or call the bookshop on 01308 422964 or contact them online: