Book to help your child understand gender identity

Gender has become a hot topic among parents in recent years. In fact, many parents choose to try things like gender-creative parenting and talk about gender with children from an early age. However, talking about a complex topic like gender with a young child can be tricky at first, so books can be a useful tool. If you’re looking for books to help you discuss gender identity with your child, check out these 10 options.

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ten I Am Jazz by Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings

I Am Jazz is based on real-life experiences from co-author Jazz Jennings and explains gender identity in a way that is clear and accessible to children of all ages. Through Jazz’s powerful story, kids can learn what the freedom to be yourself feels like and experience what it’s like to live in a body that doesn’t always tell the whole story of who you are. .

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9 Who are you ? : The guide to gender identity for children by Brook Pessin-Whedbee

Aimed at children aged 5-8, this charming non-fiction text provides a simple introduction to the genre. It explains gender as it relates to our body, expression and identity. It also includes additional pages of information for parents, which may be particularly useful for those who are unfamiliar with all the terms related to gender identity and gender expression.

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8 We are little feminists: families by Archa Shrivastav

Even toddlers and preschoolers can learn about gender identity with this creative little board book. It includes real photos of LGBTQ and allied families. Additionally, the text is written in a way that promotes equality for all, no matter what aspect of their identity. We are little feminists: families won a medal from the American Library Association and the Stonewall Book Award.

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seven It’s good to be yourself by Therese Thorn

This simple yet sweet book offers an easy-to-grasp exploration of gender identity. In reality, It’s good to be yourself gives children a better understanding of themselves and others through its dynamic art and age-appropriate language. After reading this book with your children, you will both have the vocabulary to approach this important subject with sensitivity and enlightenment.

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6 Jack (not Jackie) by Erica Silverman

This fictional picture book offers a perspective of acceptance and representation for children who identify as transgender. However, even if your child doesn’t fit this narrative, they can still learn a lot from this sweet story of siblings who have to learn to embrace each other as they are without trying to change them. Ultimately, it’s important for children to understand that not all girls and boys fit the gender norms that society has imposed on us, and this script shows children exactly that.

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5 The gender wheel by Maya Christina González

If you’re looking for a book that takes a holistic, nature-based approach to exploring the genre, then look no further than The gender wheel. This book explores the origins of our current binary gender system and takes a fresh approach to how we all look at bodies and genders in the future. It’s a great way to explain gender, but also encourages body positivity and self-love in a way that all kids should experience.

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4 The naked naked book by Kathy Stinson

This book focuses on human anatomy in a way that teaches children that all bodies are beautiful bodies, especially their own. It also raises questions for children to think about when discussing gender and their bodies alongside their parents. Although this book has been around for decades, it has recently been updated to reflect current understandings of gender and inclusion, helping parents add to their bookshelves at home.

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3 Sex is a funny word: a book about bodies, feelings and you by Cory Silverberg

If you’re looking for a great book on gender identity for slightly older elementary school students, then this is the one for you. Sex is a funny word takes a comprehensive look at what the word “sex” means, as it relates to gender, body, and sexual orientation. Additionally, this book addresses topics such as respect, boundaries, and safety in a way that encourages open and thoughtful conversations between parents and their children.

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2 A children’s book about being non-binary by Hunter Chinn-Raicht

While most of the books on this list focus on gender and discuss it thoughtfully, not all of them mention non-binary people. Everything changes with this text, provided by the amazing company that has provided so many other “Kids Book About” options. A children’s book about being non-binary provides an inside view of what it means when you don’t fit into the gender binary, but in a child-friendly way. It’s another must-have on your shelves, especially if you’re working with your kids on inclusion and diversity topics.

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1 Introducing Teddy by Jessica Walton

This sweet story about friendship and gender is a sweet way to introduce gender identity to young children. It’s a great message and filled with cute illustrations.

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