Bless the ear with the latest opulent music ‘I’m Still Loyal’ by Yona Marie

The deep artist hails from Washington DC Yona Marie comes with his latest song “I am always faithful”. The exceptional musical arrangement shocked everyone.

The prolific artist Yona Marie released their last song “I am always faithful” which is filled with skillful lyricism and incredible music. This accomplished R&B singer has captivated her audience with her enigmatic artistry. The diversity of music helped the artist to attract the attention of the public. The song’s meaningful and harmonious music gave a refreshing and relaxing vibe. The song’s catchy tune hits harder as the song grows. The song is perfectly balanced with the thematic instruments and her splendid voice. The fascinating and creative musical presentation made him different from other artists.

The Washington, DC singer is an independent artist who likes to do all her music on her own. In the vast array, she gave a bunch of variant songs. The simple writing and pleasant music have hip-hop vibes. His contribution to the music industry is undeniable. Apart from “I am always faithful” some of his brilliant works are ‘Take Me To The Moon’, ‘Baroque Music (Will You Remember)’, ‘Fade Away’ and ‘Beautiful’. All his songs are available on SoundCloud and YouTube. To follow Yona Marie to Facebook, instagram, and Twitter find out about their upcoming projects.

Listen to the track on Soundcloud: