Black films in America, a local author looks back on his experience

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – From his childhood on the North Side of Columbus, Wil Haygood often remembers going to the movies.

“I grew up in Columbus and my mom allowed me to go to the Garden Theater on the High Street every Sunday,” said Haygood, author and journalist.

In the theater, Haygood has seen some of history’s most famous actors onscreen, but never saw himself.

“I’ve never seen a black face on screen at the Garden Theater,” Haygood said.

This feeling is something that stuck with him over the years, even when he left Ohio to pursue a career in journalism.

Until one day he wrote an article for The Washington Post, titled “A Well-Served Butler By This Election,” which received critical acclaim and was made into a feature film.

This again inspired Haygood to write stories about black history, including this novel titled “Colorization: One Hundred Years of Dark Films in a White World”.

“This is their difficult journey to become major players in mainstream cinema. And that extends, you know, to where we are, in the country, right now, ”said Haygood.

Haygood says he hopes his novel won’t just highlight racism in cinema and inspire change while creating more black artists in his own city.

“And so if somehow I’m able to give back to my hometown, where I’ve had a lot of wonderful teachers. Let them all have the opportunity to come to this event, ”said Haygood.

Haygood will be in Columbus this weekend and throughout next week to promote his novel.

You can find a link to his citywide appearances at – years-of-black-films-in-a-white-worldCOL

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